Honorees presented with awards by Denver Democrats

The Selma Lock Volunteer of the Year Award was presented this year to Sallyanne Ofner, the granddaughter of a suffragette and the niece of two DNC delegates. Ofner currently serves as captain of House sub-district 6A and Chair of all of HD 6. During the 2008 Denver County Convention, Ofner applied her MBA and management experience to help form and support a team of experienced database and networking professionals to a successful effort to automate the registrations of conventions, assemblies, central committee meetings and other events.

Sen. Pat Steadman was the recipient of the 2009 Dale Tooley Democrat of the Year award. Selected in May of this year to fill a vacancy in the state Senate from SD 31, Steadman got his start in politics during law school by working to fight ballot issues that targeted the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Steadman worked to oppose Amendment 2 on the 1992 general election ballot and when the anti-gay amendment was approved by voters, Steadman founded a non-profit organization that lead the successful lawsuit challenging its constitutionality all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. He is a former lobbyist.

The Frank Sullivan Award for Lifetime Achievement was presented to Isabella Allen, who has worked as a teacher, administrator, counseling psychologist and community organizer. Her political involvement has focused on organizing the far northeast and DIA area, including the communities of Montbello and Green Valley Ranch. She has held the position of captain of House sub-district 7A for many years.

Sen. Chris Romer was the recipient of the 2009 Pat Schroeder Families First Award. Elected to the state Senate in 2006 from SD 32, Romer has focused much of his work on educational opportunities. He was co-founder of an online education company, Digital Education Company, that he helped build and sell. Romer is a founder and past president of the Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation which provides mentoring programs and scholarship funds for low income and inner city students, and is past president of the Colorado Children’s Campaign. More recently he served as superintendent for New America Schools, two high schools serving immigrants, and as president of the KIPP schools serving low-income Latino students.


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