Proposed ballot measure on “Personhood” deemed sufficient

Proponents of this year’s effort to allow voters to decide the “Definition of Person” are celebrating the Colorado Secretary of State’s decision which granted the measure ballot access for the general election in 2010. Secretary of State Bernie Buescher announced on Friday that the proponents had successfully cured the deficiency in petition signatures from last month.

Petitions were originally submitted to the Secretary of State’s office on Feb. 12. Following a statement of insufficiency, proponents filed a cure submission on March 18, at which time Secretary of State staff immediately began verifying a line-by-line review of the signatures.

The results of the cure sample show that the total number of qualified signatures submitted was 47,114. The total number of entries accepted as valid was 35,527.

These results were included with the original random sample review, of which the total number of qualified signatures submitted was 79,648. According to the formula used by the Secretary of State’s office, the number of projected valid signatures from the random sample was 60,357, and added to the earlier submissions, the total number of presumed valid signatures was 95,884. That is almost 20,000 more than the required 76,047 necessary for placement on the ballot.

After review of the submitted petition sections and cure submission, the Secretary of State declared that a sufficient number of valid signatures have been submitted to certify the petition to the ballot.

“Over the past few days, the massive quantities of signatures that poured in just amazed us,” remarked Gualberto Garcia-Jones, co-sponsor of the Personhood Ballot initiative, last week.

“That means that we collected over 2,600 signatures each day, about 2 signatures per minute. Some of our volunteers were working all hours of the day, and that is a testament to what we already knew — that Colorado citizens recognize the value of human life and have worked extremely hard to see that each human life is protected.”

This initiative will be numbered Amendment 62 on the November 2, 2010 General Election ballot.


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