Political consultants need to remember that no economy has ever been hurt by tax relief

Dear Editor,

On May 24, 2010, Rick Reiter, head of the campaign opposing the three tax relief ballot issues, said in a Grand Junction Sentinel article by Charles Ashby, “these three measures combined are going to cost almost 100,000 jobs.” He added, “Those job aren’t government ones, but private sector positions.”

Typical scare tactics — use a nice, round number like 100,000 with no proof.

On June 1, Dan Hopkins, Reiter’s press agent, was quoted in a Denver Post editorial:

“The measures also could result in a big loss of jobs — 46,000 to 52,000, Hopkins told us. Sixty percent would be government jobs, and 40 percent would come from the private sector.”

Plummeting from 100,000 to 20,800 (= 40 percent of 52,000) in one week is quite a credibility gap, particularly when the real number is ZERO. NO ECONOMY has ever been hurt by tax relief.

After raising a million dollars from special interest groups to fight these tax relief issues, these highly paid consultants should get their story straight! See “Fibs by Foes” at COtaxreforms.com. Then review their donor list at that site. Call us at (303) 914-1000 to learn the truth.

Remember this fib when they invent others about the effect of these modest tax relief measures. Such people will say anything to get or keep your money.

Fred Clifford

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