Memo to Colorado Republican leaders from GOP State Chairman Dick Wadhams:

Wednesday, Aug, 25, 2010

The Colorado Republican State Executive Committee unanimously adopted a resolution at our regularly scheduled bimonthly meeting in August stating clear support for Ken Buck for U.S. Senate and Dan Maes for Governor along with all other Republican candidates nominated for statewide, congressional, state legislative and county offices in the August 10 primary election. The resolution is attached.

Our Republican nomination process was open and fair from the beginning of this election cycle to any candidate who chose to compete and any Republican who wished to participate in our precinct caucuses, county and district assemblies, the state assembly and primary election.

Unfortunately, the turmoil in the governor’s race has raised unfortunate misconceptions about the role of the Colorado Republican Party and, even more specifically, my role as state chairman.

I have been inundated by emails and phone calls by those who have the misconception that Colorado Republicans do not support our nominee for governor, Dan Maes. At the same time, I have also received emails and phone calls from people who believe I can arbitrarily reverse the result of a primary election and find a new candidate for governor.

First of all, the Colorado Republican Party and I, as state chairman,support Dan Maes for Governor. Period. Dan won our nomination fair and square. We are working directly with Dan and his campaign in our Victory voter identification and turnout operation.

Second, neither the state chairman nor any committee within the Colorado Republican Party can arbitrarily remove a duly-elected nominee. And that’s the way it should be.

My role as state chairman is first and foremost to do everything I can to help strengthen our county organizations so that we can motivate Republicans to vote and so we can identify supportive unaffiliated voters to vote as well. We have worked hard to stay in close touch with our county leadership through campaign schools and webinars and I have been privileged to speak to more than 350 Republican events across our state.

I have always seen our caucus-assembly process as a critical part of building our county organizations and I am proud that a record 25,000 Republicans participated in our precinct caucuses in 2010 which vastly exceeded turnouts in previous non-presidential election years. We welcomed and encouraged the participation of those who are involved with the Tea Party/9-12 movements across the state.

Our 2010 Colorado Republican State Assembly was efficiently executed without going deep into the evening — we adjourned at 2:45 p.m.!—despite having to designate candidates for six statewide offices. The integrity of our balloting process was unquestioned.

More than 407,000 Republicans voted in the August 10 Primary Election, exceeding Democratic turnout in their primary by more than 68,000.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of our county organizations will be enhanced by our Victory operation which is up and running months earlier than we were able to do in 2008. We will soon have all fourteen offices open around the state with staff in place as well who, led by Victory Director Chuck Poplstein, are charged with the responsibility of working directly with our county leadership to help elect Republicans at all levels.

While our statewide and congressional candidates are the most visible, we are placing a special emphasis this year on legislative candidates as we drive towards majorities in both houses. We have assigned Ben Engen to work directly with legislative candidates across the state to ensure they get the maximum benefit from Victory.

Beyond the organizational responsibility, my role as state chairman is to serve as a public spokesperson for our party in keeping the heat on Democratic elected officials and supporting our Republican elected officials.

Whether it is opposing the failed “stimulus” bill signing in Denver by President Obama or Bill Ritter’s flawed U.S. Attorney nominee or the Buescher-Carroll scheme to bring ACORN fraud to Colorado’s election process or the Obama Administration’s attempt to bribe Romanoff out of the Senate race, we have tried to keep the heat on Democrats while our nomination process went forward.

Finally, I have no regrets whatsoever how we conducted our nomination process. It was not my role or the state party’s to determine who could or would run or who would win. It was my responsibility to ensure a fair nomination process open to any candidate who wished to compete and to any Republican who wished to participate in it. And that is exactly what occurred in 2010. Every person who considered running and chose to do so or not to do so made their own decision, it was not made by me or the Colorado Republican Party.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as state chairman and I look forward to the next ten weeks as we stand poised to elect a new generation of Republican leadership on November 2, 2010.


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