Lightning round provides quick responses

In addition to the “lightning round” concerning health care policy, 9News political reporter Adam Schrager asked a second series of yes-no questions covering a broader range of topics at the U.S. Senate debate between Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet and Republican Ken Buck in Denver on Monday. Here’s what Schrager asked, followed by the candidates’ answers:

Q: Would you support Congressman Mike Coffman’s bill that includes furloughs for non-emergency workers and pay cuts for members of Congress?
Buck: “Yes.”
Bennet: “I have not read the bill.”

Q: Would you support the Employee Free Choice Act, should it come up for a Senate vote as currently written?
Bennet: “I believe strongly in the right of workers to collectively bargain free from intimidation, but I would not support the current language in the bill.”
Buck: “No, I would not support.”

Q: Are you in favor of a moratorium on foreclosures in this country?
Buck: “No.”
Bennet: “No.”

Q: Do you believe there should be a federal minimum wage?
Bennet: “Yes.”
Buck: “I believe there should be a federal minimum wage.”

Q: Do you support a national renewable energy standard?
Buck: “I support a standard.”
Bennet: “Absolutely.”

Q: Should there be federal subsidies for all renewable energy sources?
Bennet: “I wouldn’t say for all renewable energy sources.”
Buck: “No.”

Q: Would you support expanded use of nuclear energy?
Buck: “Yes.”
Bennet: “Yes.”

Q: Are you in favor of the Northern Integrated Supply Project (a water project on the northern Front Range)?
Bennet: “I don’t believe that’s a decision for me to make.”
Buck: “Yes. … That’s a decision for me to make, so, yes.” (Bennet interjected, “That’s going to come as news to the people of the region.”)

Q: About “fracking,” Congresswoman DeGette has a bill to require the industry to disclose the chemicals it uses to extract natural gas. Are you in favor of that legislation?
Buck: “No.”
Bennet: “I believe there should be public disclosure of fracking fluids.” (Pressed by Buck, who said, “That wasn’t an answer. Are you in favor of the bill?” Bennet responded, “I haven’t endorsed that bill, but I believe there should be public disclosure of fracking fluids.”)

— By Ernest Luning


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