Vandals strike Denver GOP headquarters

By Marianne Goodland

Vandals hit the Denver GOP headquarters over the weekend, causing about $2,000 in damage to the building and destroying “several hundred dollars” worth of campaign signs.

Staffers from the Denver County GOP put up new signs for their candidates following weekend vandalism at the party’s Speer Boule-vard headquarters.
Photo by Marianne Goodland/The Colorado Statesman
The damage included 17 holes. County Chair Ryan Call said the vandalism appeared to have been done by a hammer, and damage is estimated at $2,000 plus the cost of the signs.
Photo by Marianne Goodland/The Colorado Statesman

The damage to the red stucco building at 1000 N. Speer Blvd. was limited to the building’s south side, which had been covered with 5×8 signs for Republican candidates Scott Gessler, Ken Buck, John Suthers and Ronnie Nelson, the candidate for House District 5, where the building is located.

Denver GOP Chair Ryan Call said he did not know who was responsible and could not say whether the vandalism was politically motivated. However, he said it did appear that the GOP office was targeted, and told The Colorado Statesman that “people can draw their own conclusions.”

The damage appears to have been caused, according to Call, by someone striking the exterior walls of the stucco building or the signs attached to it with a hammer, and that left 17 holes. Signs for Buck, Suthers, Gessler and Nelson were torn off the building, causing some of the damage, most of it near a window. The signs were then tossed into a park across the street from the building. One ended up on Speer Blvd. Call said the signs had hammer-like circular indentations.

The damage was discovered Monday morning when campaign staff arrived for work. The building did not have security cameras, although Call said that is now a possibility. He said the party would share in the cost of the repairs with the building’s landlord, Snavely Development. The building also houses a Montessori School, which did not appear to be damaged, as well as campaign offices for Gessler and Mike Fallon, the Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District.

“I would hope people would be more respectful,” Call said Monday. “We’re not letting this phase us.”



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