GOP Chair Wadhams should also have vetted cash-strapped Gessler

Dear Editor,

As a conservative Republican myself who voted for Scott Gessler, I am mystified why, if he couldn’t afford to take the position, that he ran for Colorado Secretary of State.

My dad use to say, one should stop screaming when he has both feet in his mouth. In today’s parlance, when you are in a ditch, stop digging further.

Gessler’s subsequent rebuttal (others do it — forgetting the distinction of real or perceived conflict of interest) has taken his initial act from ill advised to a subsequent act of blatant arrogance, and high school sophomoric cheap debating club deflection tricks.

And I say this as conservative Republican who voted for Gessler.

Given he should not have run if he couldn’t afford it with his 14 year-old Honda Civic, he has now opened himself up to questions of his judgment as well as making himself a political piñata for Democrats and The Denver Post (least I be redundant). However, on second thought, I am less than mystified that this could occur given the course of conduct of failing to vet candidates by Republican Chairman Dick Wadhams.

Chairman Wadhams can state that vetting isn’t the party or party chairman’s role but this is completely contrary to Democrat Chairwoman Pat Waak’s statement (in The Statesman) that vetting is normal and customary.

And yet Wadhams is seeking another term as Colorado Republican Chairman with another embarrassment under his guidance?

Jim Schwartz

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