Hickenlooper finishes first session bill signings

Gov. John Hickenlooper has finished signing legislation passed by the 2011 General Assembly, meeting the June 10 deadline for action.

Hickenlooper signed 329 bills, allowed one to become law without his signature and vetoed one other. He also signed the 2011 Long Appropriations Bill, Senate Bill 11-209, but vetoed eight footnotes in the bill, action that was later unanimously overturned by the General Assembly. One other bill, House Bill 11-1195, on licenses for private investigators and which passed on the last day of the session, has not been signed or vetoed.

Hickenlooper spent last week on a whirlwind tour of the state that included the signing of 17 pieces of legislation, and he was frequently joined on the tour by the bill sponsors.

Among the bills signed last week:
•SB 208, which would merge the Division of Wildlife and the Division of State Parks and Recreation within the Department of Natural Resources. The bill caused concern for wildlife enthusiasts, who fear that DOW funds would be improperly used to prop up the ailing budget of the Parks department. Signed June 6. (See separate story inside).

Other bills of note signed this year:
•SB 200, which establishes an independent board that will set up the health insurance exchange. Dubbed “Amycare” by Tea Party activists after its House sponsor, House Majority Leader Amy Stephens, R-Monument, SB 200 had a shaky trip through the General Assembly when Senate Republicans, at Stephens’ behest, attempted to amend it to remove Colorado from federal health care reform legislation. But the bill had exceptionally strong support from the business community as well as House Democrats, whose votes were needed to get it out of the House after it drew opposition from a majority of House Republicans. Signed June 1.

•HB 1005, which overturns a 2010 law that reinstated a state sales tax on agricultural compounds, bull semen and pesticides. HB 1005 overturned HB 10-1195, which put back into place the state’s 2.9 percent sales tax on the sales of these agricultural inputs. The bill’s passage was considered a major win for Republicans who unanimously opposed lifting the 10-year-old tax exemption last year. HB 1005 sponsor Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, noted that the tax was the only one in Colorado placed on an input into a final product. The bill stalled in the House for more than two months, until it became part of the 2011-12 budget package. Signed May 23.

•HB 1293, which lifts another of the so-called “dirty dozen” taxes of 2010. HB 1293 repealed a state sales tax imposed last year on downloadable software (HB 10-1192). The 2010 bill reversed a decision by the Department of Revenue during the administration of Gov. Bill Owens to exempt those products. Signed June 7.

•SB 78, the normally non-controversial rules review bill that puts into law the rules adopted by state agencies during the previous year, was signed on May 13. The bill became the subject of a last-minute effort by Speaker of the House Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch, to overturn rules on payday lending adopted last year by the Attorney General’s Uniform Consumer Credit Code division.

•SB 214, another bill in the budget-balancing package for 2011-12, decommissions the nine-year-old Fort Lyons Prison. The bill drew strong opposition from southern Colorado lawmakers but would save the state more than $6.3 million in general funds in 2013-14, the year after it closes. The prison’s 200+ employees and more than 500 inmates will be transferred to other state correctional facilities.Signed into law May 6.

•HB 1004, a bill that makes it less expensive for farmers to register their trucks as agricultural vehicles. The bill would allow people whose land is registered as agricultural to register their vehicles under agricultural plates; previous law required that they show their income as being derived exclusively from agriculture. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Randy Baumgardner, R-Hot Sulphur Springs, said the bill would help farm families who must rely on off-farm jobs to keep their farms going. The bill was never controversial at the General Assembly; a 2010 version passed both chambers 99-0 and got a 98-0 final vote this year. But Gov. Bill Ritter vetoed it in 2010, stating that the bill wasn’t necessary and that he had concerns that the agricultural plates could be abused. Hickenlooper didn’t view the issue quite the same way and signed the 2011 version on May 4.

•Among Hickenlooper’s other priorities this session: permission for Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia to also take the reins of executive director of the Department of Higher Education. Hickenlooper proposed the dual role in part as a way to save tight state general fund dollars, and HB 1155 made that a reality. Signed April 6.

Legislative Actions of the 68th General Assembly

Bill No. Short Title Date Action
HB11-1311 Increase Regional Tourism Projects 6/10/11 Signed
SB11-173 Interoperable Communications in Schools 6/10/11 Signed
SB11-204 University Role and Mission 6/10/11 Signed

SB11-230 Financing of Public Schools 6/9/11 Signed
SB11-235 Third Party Air Quality Modelers 6/9/11 Signed

SB11-050 Conservation Easement 6/8/11 Signed
SB11-177 Sunset Teen Pregnancy & Dropout Program 6/8/11 Signed
SB11-238 Extend Wildfire Preparedness 6/8/11 Signed
SB11-267 Sunset Teen Pregnancy & Dropout Program 6/8/11 Signed

HB11‐1032 Restorative Justice 6/7/11 Signed
HB11‐1293 Repeal HB 10‐1192 Related to Software 6/7/11 Signed
HB11‐1301 Higher Ed Inst Efficiency 6/7/11 Signed
SB11‐227 Repeal Exemption to Child Restraint Law 6/7/11 Signed
SB11‐260 Allen Rose Tow‐Truck Safety Act 6/7/11 Signed

HB11‐1071 Roundup River Ranch Tax Check-off 6/6/11 Signed
SB11‐208 Merge DNR Entities Wildlife Parks & Rec 6/6/11 Signed
SB11‐265 Name Change Mesa State College 6/6/11 Signed

SB11‐176 Solitary Confinement Specific Population 6/3/11 Signed
SB11‐184 Tax Reporting 6/3/11 Signed
SB11‐197 Girl Scouts Centennial License Plate 6/3/11 Signed
SB11‐45 Streamline Elec Powerline Siting 6/3/11 Signed

HB11‐1002 CDOT On‐line Financial Database 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1010 Incidental Use of Tax-exempt Property 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1014 Child Care Contrib Income Tax Credit 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1043 Medical Marijuana 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1072 Designated Rep of Initiative Proponents 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1080 Address Confidentiality Program 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1081 LPG Vehicles Included for Incentives 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1093 Special Mobile Machinery Ownership Tax 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1105 Hospital Worker Assault Protection 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1157 Diesel Inspection Program Exemption 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1166 Type 1 Diabetes Special License Plate 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1241 Charitable Use Property Tax Exemption 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1242 Medical Provider Integration of Service 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1250 No Medical Marijuana Ingestible Products 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1267 Expand Cases Protection Orders 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1268 DUI Penalties Revisions 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1297 Statewide Internet Portal Authority 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1298 Craig Hospital Special License Plate 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1303 Revisor’s Bill 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1307 Recovery Audits 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1323 Exempt Rural Health Clinics CDPHE Lic 6/2/11 Signed
HB11‐1324 Resid Nonprofit Refund Prospective Only 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐105 Sunset Medicaid In-home Support Services 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐108 Sunset ID Theft Fraud Unit 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐109 Public Education Fund Tax Check-off 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐134 Prohibit Synthetic Cannabinoids Salvia 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐180 Taxicab Passenger Pickup 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐187 Sunset Review Mental Health Professionals 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐193 Disclosure Caregiver Employment Info 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐206 Mortgage Loan Licensing Exemptions 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐240 Sunset Review Private Occupational Sch 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐243 Repeal Document Forgery Civil Penalty 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐254 Community Corrections Release Options 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐256 Penalties for Graffiti 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐263 Clarify Med Products Sales Tax Exemption 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐264 Clarify Lis Pendens & Liens 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐272 Adult Stem Cells Cure Fund Tax Check-off 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐51 Gaming & Lottery Intercepts State Debt 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐85 Prostitution Offender Program Courts 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐88 Sunset Review Direct-entry Midwives 6/2/11 Signed
SB11‐89 Sunset DOR Letter Rulings 6/2/11 Signed

SB11‐200 Health Benefit Exchange 6/1/11 Signed

SB11‐213 CHP+ Assess Monthly Enrollment Fee 5/31/11 Vetoed
HB11‐1064 Parole Presumption Certain Drug Offender 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1091 Sales Tax Exemption For Med Equipment 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1095 Protect Security SOS Web Site 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1109 Telecom Equip Local Sales Tax Exemption 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1121 Bar Felons From School Employment 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1138 Sex Offender Management Board 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1163 CDOT Super‐load Highway Permits 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1211 Restrict Travel State-chartered Entities 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1237 National Guard Quarters & Billeting Fund 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1265 Sales & Use Tax Refund Claims 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1275 Idling Commercial Diesel Vehicles 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1278 Sex Offender Registration Changes 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1295 Multiple Sclerosis Tax Check-off 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1305 Residential Valuation Assessment Ratio 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1310 Funding For Capitol Dome Restoration 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1313 Extend Clerk & Recorder Surcharge 5/27/11 Signed
HB11‐1317 Intergovt Coop Wildland Fire Mitigation 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐052 Goals For Higher Ed System 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐102 Mental Health Tax Check-off 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐178 Manner Of Local Sales Tax Exemption 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐182 Insurable Interest Life Insurance 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐189 Election Dates To Comply With MOVE Act 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐192 Continue Prescription Drug Monitor Program 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐201 Elements Of Criminal Impersonation 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐203 Species Conservation Trust Fund 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐239 Repeal Report Reqmnt Re Municipal Info 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐242 Volunteer Retired Nurse License 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐247 Early Childhood Council Advisory Team 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐250 Pregnant Women Medicaid Eligibility 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐251 Division Of Fire Safety Duties 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐266 Background Check School Contractors 5/27/11 Signed
SB11‐273 Alcohol Beverage Festival Area 5/27/11 Signed

HB11‐1115 Public Entity Construction Retainage 5/26/11 Signed
HB11‐1288 Unemployment Insurance Solvency Reform 5/26/11 Signed
SB11‐047 Bioscience & Clean Tech Reinvestment 5/26/11 Signed

HB11‐1005 Reinstate Tax Exemption for Ag Products 5/23/11 Signed
HB11‐1045 CO Innovation Investment Tax Credit 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐066 Special Event Permit Alcohol Beverage 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐076 PERA Contribution Rates 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐091 Sunset Board Veterinary Medicine 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐111 Educational Success Task Force 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐125 Nursing Homes Fees & Order of Payments 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐133 Discipline in Public Schools 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐166 Uniform Disclaimer Property Interest Act 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐191 Uniform Limited Cooperative Assn Act 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐195 Parking for Persons with Disabilities 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐199 Workers’ Compensation 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐232 Add to Crimes Against Children Surcharge 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐234 Resid Real Prop Transfer Fee Covenants 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐241 Parole Board Charges 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐245 Higher Ed Educator Preparation Programs 5/23/11 Signed
SB11‐261 Publication of Colorado Revised Statutes 5/23/11 Signed

HB11‐1076 Time Payment Fees Judicial Matters 5/19/11 Signed
HB11‐1279 Overweight Vehicle Permits 5/19/11 Signed
HB11‐1281 Health Care Professional Loan Forgiveness 5/19/11 Signed
HB11‐1296 Continue State Sales Tax on Cigarettes 5/19/11 Signed
HB11‐1300 Conserv Easement Tax Credit Dispute Res 5/19/11 Signed
HB11‐1315 IEC Membership Reqts 5/19/11 Signed
HB11‐1316 Special License Plates Avalanche Nuggets 5/19/11 Signed
SB11‐092 Sunset Vessel Registration Program 5/19/11 Signed
SB11‐124 Transfers of County TANF Reserves 5/19/11 Signed
SB11‐165 CO Uniform Estate Tax Apportionment Act 5/19/11 Signed
SB11‐179 Worker Identification Off‐Site Work 5/19/11 Signed
SB11‐188 Charter School Moral Obligation Oversight 5/19/11 Signed
SB11‐210 Phase Out Supplement OAP Health Fund 5/19/11 Signed
SB11‐219 2011 Transfer for Health Care Services 5/19/11 Signed
Bill No. Short Title Date Action
SB11‐225 Innov Health Prog Grant Fund Transfer 5/19/11 Signed
SB11‐226 General Fund Transfers 5/19/11 Signed

HB11‐1188 Motor & Powersports Vehicle Franchises 5/13/11 Signed
HB11‐1212 Lean Gov Principle & Performance Budgets 5/13/11 Signed
HB11‐1219 Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act 5/13/11 Signed
HB11‐1254 Bullying in Schools 5/13/11 Signed
SB11‐060 3.2 Beer for On‐premise Consumption 5/13/11 Signed
SB11‐078 Rule Review Bill 5/13/11 Signed
SB11‐169 Sunset Continue Physical Therapy Board 5/13/11 Signed

HB11‐1026 Storm Water Management Sys Admr 5/9/11 Signed
HB11‐1100 Military Experience License Certificate 5/9/11 Signed
HB11‐1145 Availability Background Check Child Care 5/9/11 Signed
HB11‐1146 Def Ag Land For Prop Tax 5/9/11 Signed
HB11‐1196 Flexibility in Funding Family Services 5/9/11 Signed
HB11‐1209 OED Small Business Navigator 5/9/11 Signed
HB11‐1218 County Creation of Fed Mineral Lease Dist 5/9/11 Signed
HB11‐1230 Consolidate Housing Assist in DOLA 5/9/11 Signed
HB11‐1274 Water Conservation Bd Construction Fund 5/9/11 Signed
HB11‐1283 Extend Bioscience Grant Program 5/9/11 Signed
HB11‐1289 Water Supply Structure Historic Register 5/9/11 Signed
SB11‐231 Colorado Channel Authority Operation 5/9/11 Signed

HB11‐1200 Substance Abuse Assessment At Intake 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐211 Tobacco Revenues Offset Medical Services 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐212 Use Provider Fee Offset GF Medicaid 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐214 Decommission Fort Lyons Prison 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐215 2011 Nursing Facility Rate Reduction 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐216 Children’s Basic Health Gen Fund Approp 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐217 Reduction Juvenile Detention Bed Cap 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐218 Cash Fund Transfers to State Ed Funds 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐221 Old Hire FPPA State Plans Contributions 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐222 Capitol Construction Transfers 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐223 Sales Tax Vendor Fee 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐224 Susp Nurse Home Visit Prog Fund Increase 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐228 County Tax Base Relief Formula 5/6/11 Signed
SB11‐229 Expense School Counselor Grant Program 5/6/11 Signed

SB11‐209 Long Appropriations Bill 5/5/11 Signed

HB11-1291 Approve Regional Haze Air Quality Plan 5/4/11 Signed
HB11‐1004 Farm Truck Registration 5/4/11 Signed
HB11‐1042 Class of Res Land When Res Imp Removed 5/4/11 Signed
HB11‐1097 Goodwill Industries Tax Check-off 5/4/11 Signed
HB11‐1156 Extend Repel Date Cons Dist Grant Fund 5/4/11 Signed
HB11‐1160 Gov Energy Office Green Bldg Incent Prog 5/4/11 Signed
HB11‐1201 Streamlining Educator Licensing 5/4/11 Signed
HB11‐1234 Taxicab Vehicle License Plates 5/4/11 Signed
HB11‐1251 Window Tinting Public Safety Vehicles 5/4/11 Signed
HB11‐1258 Forensic Autopsy Requirements 5/4/11 Signed
HB11‐1286 Clarify St Engr Nontributary Rule Auth 5/4/11 Signed

SB11‐128 Child‐Only Health Insurance Plans 4/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1216 Disability Benefit License Plate Numbers 4/26/11 Signed
SB11‐119 Appeal Valuation Commercial Real Property 4/26/11 Signed
SB11‐183 State Boards and Persons with Disabilities 4/26/11 Signed

HB11‐1182 CO State Title & Regis System Fees 4/22/11 Signed
HB11‐1198 PUC Recodify Motor Carrier Statutes 4/22/11 Signed
SB11‐034 Required Reporting of Abuse & Neglect 4/22/11 Signed
SB11‐037 World War II Special License Plate 4/22/11 Signed
SB11‐062 OIT Statutory Clean‐up 4/22/11 Signed
SB11‐094 Sunset Continue Optometric Board 4/22/11 Signed

HB11‐1069 Physical Activity Expectations in Schools 4/20/11 Signed
HB11‐1126 Improving Parent Involvement in School 4/20/11 Signed
HB11‐1164 CU Hospital Authority Board Director 4/20/11 Signed
HB11‐1169 Higher Ed Campus Safety Info Sharing 4/20/11 Signed
HB11‐1181 Human Service Child Fatality Review Team 4/20/11 Signed
HB11‐1185 Motor Vehicle Time Limit Release Lien 4/20/11 Signed
HB11‐1221 Legal Remedies for Consumer Credit Laws 4/20/11 Signed
SB11‐057 Metro District Mail Elections 4/20/11 Signed

HB11‐1013 Exempt Active Military Prof Regulation 4/13/11 Signed
HB11‐1124 Conflicts of Interest HOA Exec Board Member 4/13/11 Signed
HB11‐1130 Commodity Metals Transactions Violations 4/13/11 Signed
HB11‐1192 Longer Vehicle Combinations Highways 4/13/11 Signed
HB11‐1206 Uniform Debt‐Management Services Act 4/13/11 Signed
SB11‐007 Place of Trial Failure to Register 4/13/11 Signed
SB11‐081 9Health Fair Tax Check-off Extension 4/13/11 Signed
SB11‐082 OSA Security Audits IT Systems 4/13/11 Signed
SB11‐084 Employment At Long‐ Term Care Facilities 4/13/11 Signed
SB11‐110 County Open Burning Slash Permit Program 4/13/11 Signed
SB11‐115 Auditor Authorized to Audit State Govt. Entities 4/13/11 Signed
SB11‐175 Uniform Trust Code Insurable Interests 4/13/11 Signed

HB11‐1033 Repeal Reqmnt File Unused Ins Info 4/8/11 Signed
HB11‐1101 Exempt FQHC’s State Licensure 4/8/11 Signed
HB11‐1159 License Grain Protein Analyzers 4/8/11 Signed
HB11‐1180 Criminal Sentencing to Reduce Recidivism 4/8/11 Signed
HB11‐1186 Provider Reimbursement for Acupuncture 4/8/11 Signed
HB11‐1189 Bail Bond Conditions for 3rd DUI 4/8/11 Signed
HB11‐1236 Group Special License Plates 4/8/11 Signed
SB11‐008 Aligning Children’s Medicare Eligibility 4/8/11 Signed
SB11‐025 Colorado Taxpayer Empowerment Act 2011 4/8/11 Signed
SB11‐083 Probate Code Omnibus 4/8/11 Signed
SB11‐120 Protections for Youth in Foster Care 4/8/11 Signed

HB11‐1111 Dept of Ag Confidential Livestock Data 4/6/11 Signed
HB11‐1155 Lt Gov as Head of Principal Department 4/6/11 Signed
HB11‐1174 Manufactured Home Cert of Destruction 4/6/11 Signed
HB11‐1178 Mortuary Science Regulation 4/6/11 Signed
SB11‐039 Self‐storage Prop Lien Sale by Owner 4/6/11 Signed
SB11‐198 FY 2011‐12 Legislative Appropriations 4/6/11 Signed

HB11‐1151 Cruelty to Service Animals 3/30/11 Signed
HB11‐1210 Require CDOT I‐70 Mtn Corridor Recomms 3/30/11 Signed
HB11‐1079 Reduce Youth Homelessness 3/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1083 Hydroelectricity & Pumped Hydro 3/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1118 Public Hwy Authority Performance Audits 3/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1153 Juror Service Courts 3/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1167 Sealing Drug Conviction Records 3/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1183 Death Certificate Indicate If Pregnant 3/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1193 Family Advocacy Juvenile Mental Health 3/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1203 Private Custodian Seal Criminal Records 3/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1226 Disab Veterans Prop Tax Exemp App Info 3/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1239 New Crime Fiscal Note Analysis 3/29/11 Signed
HB11‐1262 Elec Util PUC Transparency In Bidding 3/29/11 Signed
SB11‐010 Unemployment Benefits During Training 3/29/11 Signed
SB11‐016 Probate Exempt Prop & Family Allowance 3/29/11 Signed
SB11‐019 Small Employer Heath Ins Payment 3/29/11 Signed
SB11‐024 Veterans State Parks Admission 3/29/11 Signed
SB11‐031 Collector’s Motor Vehicles 3/29/11 Signed
SB11‐087 Medical Exemption Tiered Rate Plan 3/29/11 Signed
SB11‐100 Sunset Council On Higher Ed 3/29/11 Signed

HB11‐1016 Prohibit E‐cigarette Possession by Minors 3/25/11 Signed
HB11‐1053 Incarceration for Truancy and Contempt 3/25/11 Signed
HB11‐1074 School of Mines Funding & Financial Aid 3/25/11 Signed
HB11‐1089 Charter Schools Grant Application 3/25/11 Signed
HB11‐1122 Mod Home Rule Charter Requirements 3/25/11 Signed
HB11‐1144 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders 3/25/11 Signed
HB11‐1161 Auth HUTF Use for Div of Motor Vehicles 3/25/11 Signed
HB11‐1176 Crude Oil Hazardous Substance Transport 3/25/11 Signed
HB11‐1260 Tax Installment Payment Due Date 3/25/11 Signed
SB11‐012 Student Possession Prescription Drugs 3/25/11 Signed
SB11‐021 Term Limits Water Facility Operations Board 3/25/11 Signed
SB11‐096 Habitual Offender Drug Convictions 3/25/11 Signed
SB11-159 Distr Ltd Gaming 3/25/11 (Became law without signature)
HB11‐1187 Northeastern Jr. College Club Employees 3/24/11 Signed

HB11‐1031 Creative Districts 3/22/11 Signed
HB11‐1040 Extend State Conservation Bd Term Length 3/22/11 Signed
HB11‐1085 Community Corrections Referral by DOC 3/22/11 Signed
HB11‐1177 Healthy Rivers Fund Tax Donation 3/22/11 Signed
SB11‐029 State Land Board Annual Reports 3/22/11 Signed
SB11‐086 Appeal Periods & Local Sales Use Tax 3/22/11 Signed

HB11‐1030 Procurement Set Aside Program 3/21/11 Signed
HB11‐1117 Subpoena ALJ Campaign Finance 3/21/11 Signed
HB11‐1148 Disclosure Health Worker Employment Info 3/21/11 Signed
HB11‐1202 Approp for Change Order Prior to Work 3/21/11 Signed
SB11‐002 Low‐income Telephone Assistance Prog 3/21/11 Signed
SB11‐020 Attorney General POST Certification 3/21/11 Signed
SB11‐061 Special Ed Appeal Process 3/21/11 Signed
SB11‐093 Sunset Drunk Driving Task Force 3/21/11 Signed
SB11‐101 Sunset Fixed Tuition & Fee Rate Program 3/21/11 Signed
SB11‐103 Sunset Repeal Benefit Design Adv Comm 3/21/11 Signed
SB11‐104 Sunset Community Accountability Prog Adv Board 3/21/11 Signed
SB11‐106 Sunset Science Tech Ed Advisory Board 3/21/11 Signed
SB11‐123 Technical Changes Child Support Process 3/21/11 Signed

HB11‐1060 Governor Appointment Terms to UNC Board 3/18/11 Signed
HB11‐1073 Peace Officer Status US Marshals 3/18/11 Signed
HB11‐1077 Education of Gifted Children 3/18/11 Signed
SB11‐136 Suppl Approp Dept of Corrections 3/18/11 Signed
SB11‐137 Suppl Approp Dept of Education 3/18/11 Signed
SB11‐141 Suppl Approp Dept of Human Services 3/18/11 Signed
SB11‐142 Suppl Approp Judicial Department 3/18/11 Signed
SB11‐144 Suppl Approp Dept of Law 3/18/11 Signed
SB11‐164 Cash Fund Transfers for FY2010‐11 3/18/11 Signed

HB11‐1017 Replace Student Faculty Auraria Board 3/17/11 Signed
HB11‐1019 Exempt School‐based Clinics Copay 3/17/11 Signed
HB11‐1027 Dept Defense Child Care Pilot Program 3/17/11 Signed
HB11‐1035 Blue Book Information Statement 3/17/11 Signed
HB11‐1036 Blue Alert for Injured Peace Officers 3/17/11 Signed
HB11‐1102 Portability Child Care Background Checks 3/17/11 Signed

HB11‐1011 Board of Assessment Appeals Hearings 3/11/11 Signed
HB11‐1018 Electronically Transmitted Court Docs 3/11/11 Signed
HB11‐1021 Colorado Channel Authority Fiscal Year 3/11/11 Signed
HB11‐1028 Alzheimer’s Assn Tax Check-off 3/11/11 Signed
HB11‐1041 Update Colo Ins Guaranty 3/11/11 Signed
HB11‐1051 DNA Expungment Clarification 3/11/11 Signed
HB11‐1087 Pest Control Reimbursement 3/11/11 Signed
HB11‐1110 Residency Nonprofit Corp Meetings Refund 3/11/11 Signed
HB11‐1113 Impact Fees Transparency 3/11/11 Signed
SB11‐028 Add Judge Seventh Judicial District 3/11/11 Signed

HB11‐1050 Boiler Inspection Regulation 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐135 Suppl Approp Dept of Agriculture 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐138 Suppl Approp Dept of Gov, Lt Gov, & OSPB 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐139 Suppl Approp Dept of HCPF 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐140 Suppl Approp Dept of Higher Ed 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐143 Suppl Approp Dept of Labor and Employment 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐145 Suppl Approp Dept of Local Affairs 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐146 Suppl Approp Dept of Military Affairs 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐147 Suppl Approp Dept of Natural Resources 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐148 Suppl Approp Dept of Personnel 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐149 Suppl Approp Dept of Public Health and Environment 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐150 Suppl Approp Dept of Public Safety 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐151 Suppl Approp Dept of Reg Agencies 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐152 Suppl Approp Dept of Revenue 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐153 Suppl Approp Dept of State 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐154 Suppl Approp Treasury Dept 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐155 Suppl Approp Capital Construction 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐156 FY10‐11 General Fund Reserve Reduction 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐157 Modification of School Finance Act 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐160 Clarify Total Film Incentives Issued 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐161 CDPHE Laboratory Cash Fund 3/8/11 Signed
SB11‐163 Repeal Alternative Fuels Incentives Issued 3/8/11 Signed

HB11-1022 Seller Financing for Real Property 3/1/11 Signed
HB11‐1001 Enactment of 2010 CRS 3/1/11 Signed
HB11‐1006 Regional Tourism Board 3/1/11 Signed
HB11‐1009 Concerning Interstate Compacts for Adult Criminal Supervision 3/1/11 Signed
HB11‐1015 Licensing for Accountants 3/1/11 Signed
HB11‐1023 Continue Foreclosure Deferment Program 3/1/11 Signed
HB11‐1037 Military Family Check-off Extension 3/1/11 Signed

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