National delegates to take their voices to Charlotte

At Saturday’s Democratic state assembly, 1,411 delegates were in attendance. Eighty-six delegates, who have all pledged their support for President Obama, will be advancing to the national convention in Charlotte, N.C. in August.

Denver resident, educator and healthcare reform activist Lydia Guzman, was elected as a party leader and elected official delegate. She has been to three state conventions before, but had never run as a national delegate.

Guzman, who also works as a precinct committeeperson in House District 9, said that voters in her district tell her they will all be voting for Obama, but they don’t show much enthusiasm when it comes to participating in local political functions, such as caucuses and assemblies.

“I tell them it’s really important to stay involved and to participate at the local level because that’s the power,” Guzman said. “That’s where we can make change and support our candidate. We can’t let our energy go down, we need to support Obama.”

Alejandro J. Aguilar, a letter carrier from Colorado Springs, was elected as a national delegate at-large.

He said compared to state conventions he has attended in the past, this year’s could have used “a little more pep.”

“We all know what we’re here to do, and we actually have a battle on our hands,” Aguilar said. “People need to realize that. Where I work, the youngsters don’t get up and fight.

Everything is being handed to them. They need to start getting involved and fighting, that’s what we need to see here.”

Forty-four out of the 1,411 delegates did not pledge for Obama, but their numbers were not substantial enough to be reflected in the final delegate count.

Representatives for the unpledged delegates were allowed five minutes to speak, where they voiced their ultimate support for the president and his “substantial accomplishments,” but not without a list of criticisms.

Among the criticisms of the president was the extension of the Patriot Act, the failure to close Guantanomo Bay, the continuation of the Bush tax cuts, and the lack of leadership to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.

Party leader and elected official delegates:
Crisanta Duran
Cecilia Flores
Francisco J. Flores Jr.
Lydia Rizo Guzman
Sheila Lieder
Mona Merchant
Mary Kim Nguyen
Daniel Pabon
Vivian Stovall

At-large delegates:
Alejandro J. Aguilar
Angela “Angie” Dickinson
Lew Gaiter Jr.
Ronald I. Gallegos
Leslie Herod
Jarrad Jackson
Walter L. Jones
Gabriel McNally-Nakamura
James D. Peters Jr.
Brayden Portillo
Tyler S. Quick
Ernest Ricehill
Polly Baca
Brenda Ennis
Elizabeth A. Harris
Ann L. Schmitt

1st Congressional District delegates:
Irene Aguilar
Edward Hall
Christopher Martinez
Elizabeth McCann
Owen Perkins
Robert Rodriguez
Halisi Vinson
Angela Williams

2nd Congressional District delegates:
Derek Ketner
Tim Kubik
Sonya Jaquez Lewis
Lindsay Lussan
Willa Prescott
Erle Swanson
David Trask
Megan Wilder

3rd Congressional District delegates:
Albert Becco
Norma Becco
Jayne Bilberry
Gilbert Ortiz Jr.
Lisa Padilla
Mary Beth Pyle
Alvin Rivera

4th Congressional District delegates:
Jonathon Dent
Kathleen Ensz
Sarah Mann
Joe Perez
Christopher Rank
Beth Anne Thomas

5th Congressional District delegates:
Tracy DuCharme
Christine LeLait
Michael Maday
Joe Morgan
Lionel Washington

6th Congressional District delegates:
Rhonda Fields
Michael Hamrick
Bryan Hartmann
Barbara Jones
James McClallan
Maya Wheeler
Nathaniel Wilkes

7th Congressional District delegates:
Odell Carl Barry
Julia Hicks
Monisha Merchant
Don Quick
Dwayne Stephens
Brittany Wirth

Charles H. Bader Jr.
Antonio B. Esquibel
Joan Garden Cooper
Katherine “Khadjia” Haynes
Sheila J Schmitt
Scott D. Wagner

Democratic National Committee members:
Anthony Graves
Lisa Padilla
Mannie Rodriguez

Presidential Electors:
Polly Baca
Alvin Rivera
Anthony Graves (CD 1)
Terry Phillips (CD 2)
Gilbert Ortiz Jr. (CD 3)
Debra Pilch (CD 4)
Thomas Cronin (CD 5)
Laurence Steele (CD 6)
Rick Swain (CD 7)

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