LETTER: Grantham’s comments show prejudice against non Judeo-Christian religions

Dear Editor,

I just read the unbelievable story of how your State Sen. Kevin Grantham, R-Cañon City, invited a Dutch lawmaker to speak to a group in Colorado. While I can understand the hatred that the Europeans have for the people of the Middle East, I cannot understand how an American citizen can fall for the rhetoric of his guest. I would hate to think that Sen. Grantham believes the idiotic ramblings of this man.

A little religious history: how about the Catholic churches that had whole towns spring up around them and had a “toe-hold” on those communities? But of course, it is a Christian-based church, so that doesn’t count. Nor does it count for the Mormons, who are Christian-based.
Nor does it for the Jewish communities, because Jesus was a Jew. I am Christian, but I do not believe that non Judeo-Christian religions should be discriminated against just because we do not have a greater understanding of their cultures.

Elizabeth Mac Dowell
Las Vegas, NV

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