LETTER: Where’s state GOP party platform?

Dear Editor,

This letter is for Republican State Chairman Ryan Call to answer.
WHERE is the Colorado GOP Platform?

Republicans who attended their caucus presented resolutions that reflect the opinions of the GOP grassroots base. 64 counties voted at their Assemblies to select resolutions that would be passed on to the State Assembly in April for approval.

Not all resolutions were passed by the votes of the approximately 3,000 delegates present at the GOP State Assembly, but the large number which WERE passed are supposed to become a significant portion of the Colorado State Republican Party Platform.

The process apparently ended with the resolutions vote, as the State Party is promoting NO platform!

It, along with accompanying resolutions are strangely missing. WHY? Many are questioning its absence!

I would point out that Colorado Democrats proudly have their 24 page Platform on their State Party website.


G. Karen (Jayne) Schindler
President of Colorado Eagle Forum and long time Colorado Republican activist, and former lobbyist at the Colorado Statehouse on pro-family and educational issues. Now retired and living near Brighton.

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