“Health food makes me sick.” — Calvin Trillin

El Tepehuan
3457 S. Broadway, Englewood

I’M HOOKED ON THIS PLACE. Been there five times in the past two weeks. The green chili is hot, but not soes you can’t get the full flavor. Muh good bud, Michael Floorwax and I are almost regulars, a regular being defined as someone who eats there every day. Even son Primo and I ate there last week. Its location helps, being a block north of Hampden, two blocks west of Swedish Hospital, and a few more blocks from Craig Rehab Hospital. Porter Hospital is just up the road a piece. Not that I’ve any reason to be at any of these hospitals, just a point of reference for those of you who might.

I go for the Mexican food, the quick, efficient and friendly service, and for the dessert across the street. Read on, sports fans. Wax goes cuz one of his fav cigar stores is a few doors away.

This ain’t a fancy place, but it’s not a dive either. It’s very clean and they’re open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday thru Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday. The food is as fresh and as delish as it gets. I’m hooked on the shredded beef burrito and Floorwax only orders the chili rellenos. He likes the “hard” style and I prefer the “soft.” Sometimes we start with the excellent guacamole but lately we’ve switched openers to the chili cheese fries. The green chili is a bit on the watery side, but it’s full of flavor. Whatever’s left on the plate, Wax and I stuff ourselves with chili-soaked tortillas. They even offer a decent burger if you can get Super Dude, the guy on the grill by the front window, to cook it the way you want it. The expansive menu offers a variety of breakfast burritos starting at two bucks, plus all the traditional Tex Mex fare. Everything on the menu is good. Really good. You’ll want to try it all.

With a few exceptions, the reviews on the web are superlative. There’s always some nut job that wants something for nothing or had a bad experience.

After we’ve stuffed ourselves to the gills on Mexican fare, we stagger across Broadway to the Breakfast Queen for dessert. Oh my!

Breakfast Queen
3454 S. Broadway, Englewood

Open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., daily, this not a greasy spoon, nosirreebob. You can tell by the line out the door, which happens to be at the back of the eatery instead of the Broadway entrance.

This is one of the few places you order scrambled eggs and they come scrambled. The menu here is also expansive, with Mexican fare, salads, burgers and sangies. I usually come here for breakfast and/or dessert, altho on my first visit a few months ago I had a perty darn good burger. Didn’t come rare as I would have liked, but it was tasty. Today is dessert day cuz we’ve just finished a huge meal across the street at El Tepehuan. The breakfast menu is what you’d expect and more so. It’s huge and almost cheap.

The pies are good but aren’t house made. The cheesecake and the crème brulee are both house-made. Oh my. I don’t remember a better more flavorful cheesecake. And I certainly haven’t had a better crème brulee.

You can tell that certain desserts are house made. The last visit the crème brulee didn’t set up quite right, so the boss tossed them all out. I had to suffer thru my own portion of maavelous cheesecake, loaded with fresh blueberries. Even has a sponge cake bottom that makes it even better. But the first four times I had crème brulee, it was sooo good. Too bad they don’t offer tuna sangies.


I’m saddened that the Burnsley Hotel has been sold and their terrific restaurant will be no longer, nor will the lovely suites or the deliteful piano bar. The hotel has been around for about 50 years, and will be converted to condos… New hours at Delaney’s Deli in the terrific Belmar center in Lakewood. Open 9:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday thru Friday and 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the weekend. And, the corned beef hash is now available daily.

Boo to me. In my steak house column last week I failed to include one of muh all-time favs, Luke’s A Steak Place (4990 Kipling St., Wheat Ridge, 303-422-3300; Y’all need to go by and check out the new filet sliders on the menu. Yum a dum doo. And they do serve Diet Pepsi… There’s a new steak house that serves perty darn good but inexpensive steaks, burgers and the like at 1395 S. Sheridan Blvd. It’s called Steak Out Steakhouse. It ain’t Luke’s or the Capital Grille, but it’s Ted’s kinda place. Inside joke there. Good luck finding it, but it’s really back in there. Even the Cuda luved it.


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