LETTER: My 20 school and theatre safety gun ideas — a work still in progress

Dear Editor,

Obama beat me to the draw… liberal media controlling Denver pays little attention to me anyway.

My list of 20 ideas in memory of 20 babies slaughtered at Sandy Hook will probably take me a week more. I am working on guns that hold cartridges which only a “chipped dog” authorized humans could fire. I have volunteered to be chipped like a dog to prove the technology. Guns we carry concealed should be as “smart” as a keyless Toyota. I want one.

I will have a rapid fire paintball pistol loaded with super glue… in schools we really do not want real bullets that can cause friendly-fire injuries. At Columbine they sprayed the library windows at no target — the killers were already dead by suicide… no innocents were hurt by the random bullets (they say) but stupid gunfire is on video of April 20, 1999.

I have studied this subject (religiously) for 13 years. My report was virtually ignored but I did talk about gun rights and wrongs in Forty Flags of Columbine. 11 years ago.

I like number 15 of the Obama list mentioning new technology. My committee would include Ken Salazar due to his honorable service in the Columbine Open Records quest for truths, Frank DeAngelis, the principal of Cherry Creek High School, a few of my good buddies… hell yeah, we could come up with a plan in three days. A plan for the first three minutes of self defense while we call or help. Mr. O, why don’t you ask your audience to close their eyes and count to 180 seconds? Tell us to imagine what can happen to our children in three minutes.

Yes, dog owners should be liable for their dogs and my homeowners policy covers me although I had better not be “negligent” in my animal or gun ownership. Courts have to prove negligence. I have studied laws.

You should have to state you own a gun safe before legally owning, purchasing, or transferring any guns though inheritance.

A background clearance should be good for a year unless you do something to change your ability to pass. Then if you use your former clearance to try and buy another gun you are committing a felony.

A home with a kid on psychotropic drugs by prescription “carrying a suicide warning label” should have to tell their doctor if they have guns (yes or no) and be required to prove they own a gun safe before the drugs are administered… same with psychiatric supervision. Mom in Connecticut should have had a gun safe. I don’t know if she had a gun safe. She can’t tell us.

There are a few ideas. I only have 16 new ideas on paper thus far. I am never finished.

Steve Schweitzberger

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