Tancredo takes center stage

At opening of campaign headquarters; new campaign flick!

An enthusiastic audience turned out Oct. 24 to see Tom Tancredo in his repeat starring role of “Gubernatorial Candidate” in the recently-released rendition of Much Ado About Nuthin’ which is playing in Colorado for the next 53 weeks.

The Republican antagonist, who was cast in a similar role in 2010 as the American Constitution Party standard bearer against popular leading man John Hickenlooper, received rave reviews from the good size crowd gathered for its private debut at Tancredo’s 2014 campaign headquarters opening in southeast Denver Thursday night.

The longtime political star performed admirably, using a litany of political skills ranging from excellent comedic timing to neo-tragic realism brought on by the current state of political affairs in the country. Appreciative audience members responded with a Standing O after waiting in high anticipation for several seasons since last seeing Tancredo perform on the Colorado stage.

Supporter Jack Fried, left, and candidate for governor Tom Tancredo share a hearty laugh on Oct. 24 at the official opening of Tancredo’s campaign headquarters.

An oversized poster about the unorthodox production provided heretofore unconfirmed details about this pre-election year stunner, which we pass on here with the permission of the public relations firm handling the film’s release. (In other words, don’t blame us!) Per their promo:

What appears to be a movie poster on the wall of the new Tancredo for Governor 2014 campaign headquarters shows the candidate as a knight in shining armor beneath the ‘movie’ title Much Ado About Nuthin’ — a definite hint of the satirical message behind the election season poster.

Much Ado About Nuthin’ is a simple story about an Italian boy and his remodeled basement, with a touch of Shakespeare — one part comedy, one part tragedy! The film stars Mike Littwin as The Fool; Diane Carman in her familiar role of bleeding-heart liberal; Gail Schoettler in her return to the silver screen as The Governess. The movie is saved by the appearance of Mike Rosen and Al Knight as The Truth Squad, with the Editors of The Denver Post acted by the Lynch Mob Players. The Matricula Card Line Dance is performed by a cast of thousands.

Republican Bart Baron stands in front of a Tancredo for Governor banner donning a t-shirt from the Teamsters Union from 2000 after he was endorsed by the labor organization in his attempt to win a congressional seat from Michigan. That same year they also endorsed the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

The film is produced by A Slanted Media and Let Everyone In — What Harm Can It Do? Society. It was filmed in NarrowVision for the LiberalScape screen with lenses provided by Blown Out of Proportion, Inc.

Marty Neilson of Longmont, left, and Peg Cage of unincorporated Boulder County are comfortably at home in the new Tancredo for Governor 2014 hqs.

‘You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll Kiss Our Nation Goodbye!’

Campaign operations manager Kim Herzfeldt, a veteran of other Tancredo campaigns, was a staff member on Tancredo’s 2010 gubernatorial effort.

The Mexican Consul has given the film two thumbs up! The film has been rated RM (Radical Multiculturalism) with some content deemed inappropriate for Democrats.

Campaign Manager Cliff Dodge is in a good mood outside the headquarters at 5475 Leetsdale, behind the Belcaro Paint and Decorating Center.

To the producer’s knowledge, no illegal workers were employed in the production of this picture. Spanish language version not available in most states. This picture complies with the laws of the United States of America, and possibly some other countries as well.

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo embraces Pat Miller at the opening of his 2014 campaign headquarters on Oct. 24. Miller is a longtime supporter and helped Tancredo’s 2010 campaign for governor when he ran on the American Constitution Party ticket.
Photos by John Schoenwalter/The Colorado Statesman

Guests were invited to join the producers after the movie for the latest edition of INS bloopers, produced by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

See the Oct. 25 print edition for full photo coverage

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