GOP candidates for CD 2

Two Republicans officially launched campaigns this month against Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis to represent the 2nd Congressional District. Loveland activist Larry Sarner and former Boulder County GOP chairman George Leing, of Niwot, both are seeking the nomination to run against Polis, who is serving his third term.

“I have seen firsthand how increased regulations and more taxation harms business and adversely impacts working Colorado families,” said Leing, who has worked as an attorney in the finance and energy fields. “Our current Congressman stands with his party’s leadership in advocating for a more overreaching and bigger government, but I believe we are in the best position to make our own decisions without government interference.”

Sarner, who notes that he holds degrees from both Colorado State University and the University of Colorado, the 2nd CD’s flagship educational institutions, said he’s tired of “yelling at my television about the insensitive and wrong-headed decisions emanating from Washington” and decided it’s time to throw his hat in the ring.

“Our interests are ignored by Jared Polis,” Sarner continued. “He represents his ambition, not us, in Congress. Congressman Polis has proven to be a serious threat to the welfare and liberties of the people. A serious threat requires a serious response, and that is why I am running to repeal and replace the current congressman in the Second District.”

Both candidates attacked Polis for his support of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

“In reaction to the broken promise that you could keep your healthcare if you like it, Congressman Polis claimed that the key problem with the new law was that the government overtake of healthcare wasn’t big enough,” Leing said.

Included in a litany of complaints about Polis, Sarner charged the Internet millionaire with “turning our healthcare delivery system into a massive intergenerational transfer from young people to their elders …” He concluded: “It is just not right to enslave the next generation for the present march of folly. It is just irresponsible.”

Sarner’s campaign website indicates that he welcomes the fray. Before quoting Winston Churchill about the desirability of having well-earned enemies, Sarner states: “Larry has testified before Congress and given a number of seminars on the dangers of pseudo-medicine. Because of Larry’s attempts to expose the darker and more dangerous side of these fields, there have been many attempts to attack his reputation.”



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