DNC Chairwoman talks up Markey for Treasurer

During a whirlwind 24 hours in Denver, Democratic National Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz squeezed in a quick fundraiser for Colorado Democratic Treasurer candidate, Betsy Markey on Tuesday afternoon. The pair served together during Markey’s single term in Congress before she surrendered her Eastern Plains seat to Cory Gardner. Introduced by former Democratic legislator Bryan Jameson of Fort Collins, Markey then introduced her fellow Gatorland alumna and former colleague. (Wasserman Schultz and Markey both attended the University of Florida.) It was a good day for Florida women, as former state Rep. Anne McGihon, who hosted the event at her home, was ribbed for being a Seminole from Florida State.

Democratic state treasurer nominee Betsy Markey, left, and Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz listen as Anne McGihon talks politics at a fundraiser at her home.

The two dozen supporters were entertained by Wasserman Schultz’s tale of woe about her decision to organize a bi-partisan Congressional women’s softball team. She suffered a broken leg in year one, and now limps with a hamstring pull that has her wearing flats rather than heels. That led to mention of Republican conservatives’ obsession with her ringlet hairdo.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz talks about the importance of electing Betsy Markey to the state treasurer slot, and also mentions Republican conservatives’ obsession with her ringlet hairdo.
Photos by Miller Hudson/The Colorado Statesman

Fighting a cold she picked up on the campaign trail, Wasserman Schultz said she was ready to return home for the Florida primary election results. But that didn’t prevent her from testifying to the leadership Markey provided during the two-year Democratic majority that bailed out the collapsing economy and approved Obamacare.

Before the end of the fundraiser, Markey returned to lay into Treasurer Walker Stapleton for only spending 10 days a month in Colorado while collecting a full time salary from Colorado taxpayers. She also pointed out that he personally attended just three PERA Board meetings in three years although he has claimed that it was his most important responsibility as Treasurer. She promised a full time presence if elected. McGihon urged her guests to “max out” for the candidate. Later in the afternoon Markey and McGihon held a second fundraiser for small donors.

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