Don’t burden business with health care woes

Dear Editor,

In a letter to The Colorado Statesman on Feb. 6, the Colorado director of the National Federation of Independent Business, Tony Gagliardi, observes that forcing Colorado’s small businesses to purchase health insurance for their employees would bankrupt many businesses. Health Care for All Colorado agrees.

Solving the problem of health care access by mandating the purchase of insurance from private, for-profit insurers is like solving the problem of hunger by making people buy meals in restaurants.

Health Care for All Colorado knows that there are more efficient ways to provide access to health care while also enabling Colorado’s businesses — large and small — to compete more effectively nationally and internationally. The Colorado Guaranteed Health Care Act (HB09-1273), recently introduced by Rep. John Kefalas, D-Fort Collins, and 18 other legislators, focuses specifically on the cost of health care as an unsustainable burden for Colorado’s businesses.

Best regards,

Tom Russell
Vice president, Health Care for All Colorado

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