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Democratic challenger forges ahead in HD 59 race

Swonger to petition on to ballot despite state party roadblock
The Colorado Statesman

Just ten days after Democratic hopeful Patrick Swonger announced his run for the House District 59 seat, the Colorado Democratic Party derailed his candidacy; but the Silverton resident plans to petition his way onto the ballot.

Swonger was disqualified after a committee appointed by Colorado Democratic Party Chair Rick Palacio determined that he had failed to register as a Democrat before the party’s eligibility deadline.

Sen. Udall strives for civility during State of the Union

CD 5 Rep. Doug Lamborn doesn’t attend, but the Republican still has a lot to say
The Colorado Statesman

Despite one Colorado representative’s very public decision to not attend the State of the Union address earlier in the week, the remainder of the state’s delegation sat together on the House floor in a display of unity.

Candy exec Enstrom announces candidacy for HD 23

Don’t expect candidates Enstrom and Tyler to sugarcoat their statements
The Colorado Statesman

Republican businessman Rick Enstrom’s entrance this week into the House District 23 race in Jefferson County against Democratic Rep. Max Tyler could decide which party controls the State House after the 2012 elections.

Republican group comes out in support of civil unions in state

The Colorado Statesman

A newly minted Republican group is garnering support for what it feels has been a missing voice in the debate on the legalization of civil unions in Colorado.