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Christie throws full weight behind Beauprez

The Colorado Statesman

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said the Republican Governors Association is throwing its full weight behind Colorado GOP gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez during a visit to the state this week, but he also stood by comments he made in April disparaging Colorado’s “quality of life” in the wake of marijuana legalization.

Western Conservative Summit offers sizzle

The Colorado Statesman

If the sizzle of red meat was in the downtown Denver air last weekend, it was by design.

Impeach Obama, Palin advises conservatives

Not defending borders is dereliction of duty, former Alaska governor says
The Colorado Statesman

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin rallied the faithful on July 19 at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver with a call for Republicans to find the courage to impeach President Barack Obama, termed a “lawless, imperial president” by the one-time GOP vice presidential candidate.

Cruz warns of urgency in politics at Summit

The Colorado Statesman

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz brought a crowd of conservatives to its feet delivering a rousing speech on the night of July 19 at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver.

Women’s reproductive rights at issue in Senate race

The Colorado Statesman

Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a bill sponsored by U.S. Sen. Mark Udall to nullify the recent Supreme Court decision — the Hobby Lobby case — that lets certain corporations refuse to cover some contraception methods in group health insurance plans based on religious objections.

Denver Mayor Hancock: “This city is vibrant, alive, thriving — everybody loves it”

The Colorado Statesman

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock on Monday said that the city is “thriving,” has fully rebounded from the recession and won’t leave residents or neighborhoods behind as the economy continues to improve during his third State of the City Address.

Obama raises hopes, money, in Denver

But top Democratic officials skip event
The Colorado Statesman

President Barack Obama boasted about the nation’s economic recovery since he took office and slammed congressional Republicans for blocking steps that used to be uncontroversial during a speech to several hundred invited guests at Denver’s Cheesman Park on Wednesday morning.

“Despite what you may hear, there is no doubt we are making progress,” Obama told the cheering crowd. “By almost every measure, we are better off than when I took office.”

A slice of pizza, a sip of beer, a game of pool...

The Colorado Statesman

The bear was loose in a big way on Tuesday night in Denver.

President Barack Obama this week passed through Denver — the city where he accepted the nomination for president six years ago — to raise money for Democratic Senate candidates and make a speech about the economy, but found time to play a game of pool with Gov. John Hickenlooper and shake hands with someone wearing a horse head mask during about 20 hours in town. He also had dinner at a popular LoDo eatery with five Coloradans who had written letters to the White House.

Colorado Republicans put on a united front

The Colorado Statesman

Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez on Tuesday named Douglas County Commissioner Jill Repella as his running mate and the team set out the next day along with his three former primary foes on a “unity tour” of the Front Range.

“Honestly, friends, I think this is the strongest Republican ticket that we’ve seen in over a decade,” state GOP Chairman Ryan Call told a packed Republican campaign office in Lakewood on Wednesday afternoon, introducing Beauprez and Repella on the tour’s fourth stop of the day.

On the record...

The Colorado Statesman

The same day Republican gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez toured the Front Range with his newly minted running mate and his former primary rivals, Democrats pounced on a video that depicts the former congressman telling a room full of Rotarians “we’ve got almost half of the population perfectly happy that somebody else is paying the bill” and decrying the fact that 47 percent of Americans don’t pay federal income tax.