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Colorado Republicans: Romney was on game for second debate

Not as strong as first debate, but still lots to cheer about
The Colorado Statesman

Although the Republican ticket didn’t land the kind of knock-out punches that Mitt Romney scored in his first debate with Barack Obama, Colorado Republicans had plenty to cheer about at parties convened in Denver to watch the vice presidential and second presidential debates.

Michelle Obama swings through our swing state

Urges Coloradans to reelect her husband
The Colorado Statesman

CASTLE ROCK — First Lady Michelle Obama urged Colorado voters to send her husband, Barack Obama, back to the White House for another term during a two-day, three-city campaign swing through the state last week. Saying that the presidential race in this battleground state will be much closer than it was last time — when Obama won by 73 votes per precinct — she urged supporters to double down on their efforts chasing every ballot.

Colorado’s Senators warn of Romney’s budget proposals

Udall, Bennet cite ‘devastating’ effects
The Colorado Statesman

Colorado’s two senators — both Democrats — sounded the alarm over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s budget policies on Monday, warning that his proposals would be “devastating” to key industries and populations in the state.

“For months, we here in Colorado have watched this campaign unfold, and now it’s time to make our voices heard. As we cast our votes, it’s really important to understand what’s at stake,” said U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, who joined fellow senator Michael Bennet at a press conference at an Obama campaign office near the University of Denver.

Gessler continues to stir things up

Secretary of State accuses opponents of playing race card
The Colorado Statesman

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler told a national conservative audience in Denver last Thursday that those on the left only pretend to care about vote fraud but are only interested in stirring up anger against conservatives to win votes when they “demagogue” the issue. What’s more, he said, his political opponents are happy to play “the racism card, and they are more than willing to lie to do this.”

Campaigns get traction on local campaign trail

The Colorado Statesman

In the aftermath of a debate in Denver last week that both sides agree dealt a setback to President Barack Obama’s campaign, Democrats launched a star-studded tour of the state in a final push to register voters, while Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign, buoyed by increasingly favorable poll results, exulted in a surge of volunteers that organizers predicted would presage a GOP victory.

Colorado Republicans shine on CPAC stage

Lamborn, Gardner address conservative conference
The Colorado Statesman

Two Colorado Republicans made their debuts at the local version of the country’s premiere gathering of right-leaning activists and politicians when the Conservative Political Action Conference set up shop in Denver last week in the afterglow of the first presidential debate. U.S. Reps. Doug Lamborn and Cory Gardner bracketed a full day of speeches and panel discussions at CPAC-Colorado last Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Denver International Airport, near I-70 and East 40th Avenue.

Study debunks myths about the ‘undecided’ voter

The Colorado Statesman

If Obama campaign officials don’t seem to be panicking while everyone else in the political world sounds the alarm over a disappointing performance in last week’s debate, it could be because they’ve bought into the findings from an in-depth survey of undecided voters released just hours before the candidates took the stage.

Challenger Romney is consensus winner of first presidential debate in Denver

D-Day in Denver
The Colorado Statesman

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney came out of the gate charging at the first presidential debate on Wednesday at the University of Denver, his confident swagger in sharp contrast to a plodding performance by President Barack Obama.

Just five weeks until an election both sides expect to come down to the wire, Republicans exulted over what most pundits agreed was a clear win for Romney, who has lagged in key battleground state polls over the last month, though Democrats maintained that Obama got across his message and that voters were unlikely to dock him for “style points.”

Ann paints glowing picture of her ‘soul Mitt’

The Colorado Statesman

LITTLETON — On the eve of the first presidential debate, the Romney campaign unleashed what some have called its secret weapon in a bid for the voters who could swing the election in this battleground state. In her first public campaign appearance in Colorado this year, Ann Romney on Tuesday told hundreds of supporters gathered for an outdoor rally at Hudson Gardens that her husband has the qualities to fix what ails the country.

“One thing I know about Mitt, he doesn’t fail,” she said. “I can’t wait to get him in that position to be able to get this country turned around again.”

Romney revs up Denver crowd before debate

The Colorado Statesman

DENVER — Surrounded by historic airplanes inside a cavernous former Air Force hangar, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a boisterous crowd on Monday that he relished the opportunity in two days to “describe the pathway forward for America” in the first of three presidential debates with President Barack Obama, set for Wednesday night at the University of Denver.