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We look forward to continuing the tradition of The Colorado Statesman

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As the election dust finally settles from 2014 and we enter headlong into a new year, I can’t help but recall that old adage about the more things change, the more they stay the same. The proverb was used initially by the French novelist Alphonse Karr in the late 1890s but certainly is applicable in today’s world. It came to mind several times these last couple of weeks as I was editing stories for the newspaper.

Suthers regarded as a true statesman

The Colorado Statesman

Imagine, if you will, that after the recent State of the Union speech by the President on Jan. 20, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Republican House Speaker John Boehner worked together to craft a mutually acceptable press release about the historic event, managing to not offend or embarrass one another in the shared effort.

An improbable scenario, right?

InnerView: Steve Durham

State Board of Education, R-CD 5
The Colorado Statesman

Well known lobbyist and former state legislator Steve Durham has been a fixture at the Colorado Capitol since the late 1970s when he began his political career as a Republican state representative from El Paso County, later moving on to the state Senate. Last month, a State Board of Education vacancy committee selected Durham over three other candidates to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Paul Lundeen, another El Paso Couty Republican who was elected to the statehouse in November and sworn in a couple weeks ago.

2015 Citizen of the West Dinner

The Colorado Statesman

Wildcatter and energy tycoon, newspapers and television stations owner, real estate developer and railroad baron, sports teams owner and hotelier, film producer and philanthropist: Phil Anschutz, this year’s Citizen of the West, is all of these. But, according to his public persona and his own family’s account, he is unwilling to live in the limelight. He seldom grants interviews to the press, is usually too private to have his picture taken, and doesn’t like to accept awards.

Innerview: Dickey Lee Hullinghorst

Speaker of the Colorado House
The Colorado Statesman

Rep. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, D-Boulder County, sat down with The Colorado Statesman on Jan. 2, 2015, at the newspaper office across the street from the Capitol for an interview with Editor & Publisher Jody Hope Strogoff. Hullinghorst was scheduled to be officially ushered in as the new speaker of the House five days later when the 70th General Assembly convened. She discussed her upcoming role as the first Democratic woman speaker of the House and her expectations of the session.

GOP State Chairman Ryan Call to be challenged by former Adams County chairman Steve House

Will Colorado Republicans continue to heed the Call? Or usher in a new House?

The Colorado Statesman

A political riddle for all those who followed the 2014 elections here in the state: Would you call Colorado Republicans “winners” for taking the U.S. Senate seat away from a well- entrenched Democratic incumbent; sweeping the statewide offices; taking control of the state senate; and picking up seats in the state house?

Or, were Colorado Republicans ultimate “losers” for failing to regain the coveted governorship; and only slightly increasing their ranks in the state house, thereby leaving them short of recapturing control of the chamber?

Answer: Depends on who you ask, naturally.

Roxane White leaves indelible mark on state government

The Colorado Statesman

A large and eclectic crowd of movers and shakers from the political, business and non-profit arenas gathered at the Executive Residence on Nov. 13 to honor — and bid adieu — to one of the most powerful figures in state government. Even though she hasn’t held an elective office, Roxane White has long been considered a firecracker of a force as Gov.

New leadership for House Democrats

Hullinghorst to be Speaker; Duran is new majority leader
The Colorado Statesman

Except for the unanimous decision by the House Democratic caucus to designate Rep. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, Democrat from Boulder, to serve as the speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives for the 70th General Assembly — and that was indeed monumental — most of the remaining leadership elections on Nov. 14 more closely resembled minor intra-party squabbles where candidates vied for office, albeit with a heightened sense of congeniality.

Senate Republicans score majority status

Quarterback Bill Cadman says his team of 18 winners is ready to go on the offensive
The Colorado Statesman

There were plenty of high fives to go around at the Senate Republicans caucus last week as members of the GOP team rejoiced in having successfully punted the political football across the goal line for an 18-17 victory on the big Nov. 4 game day. At a Tuesday morning rehash of all the action, Sen. Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs, was the consensus pick for MVP and tapped Senate president-designate. He will report to camp on Jan. 7 for opening day of the new legislative season.

Senate Dems urged to make lemonade out of lemons

...And don’t forget to add a little vodka, Sen. Nancy Todd jokingly advises
The Colorado Statesman

When Senate Democrats caucused on Nov. 15 to elect leadership for the 70th General Assembly, which convenes on Jan. 7, the tone of the meeting was hardly reminiscent of the past few years when they had majority status. Gone were the boisterous cheers and giddiness that ushered in the new Democratic majority back in 2004 and every session since then.