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Guess who's coming to dinner

The Colorado Statesman

If there are any lingering doubts about Colorado’s elevated role in this year’s elections, consider the shining line-up of political stars who have recently illuminated our political landscape: first and foremost, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama; former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republicans’ likely standard bearer for president; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Ohio Sen.

Colorado’s GOP delegates look forward to Tampa

The Colorado Statesman

Colorado’s 36 delegates and 33 alternates to the upcoming Republican National Convention — and their guests — luxuriated for a couple hours last Saturday afternoon at a stately and magnificent Tuscan-style villa in the heart of Republican-laden Greenwood Village. Sipping wine and enjoying a lovely array of fancy hors d’oeuvres passed by several servers, they gazed out on the expansive manicured landscape with its inviting pool and fountain.

Arapahoe GOP turns out in red, white and you!

The Colorado Statesman

With the theme “Red, White and You” showcased throughout the evening, Arapahoe County Republicans proved an extra colorful lot as they gathered for their annual Lincoln Day Dinner at Aurora’s Red Lion Inn on July 28.

“We’re energized, enthusiastic and rarin’ to go for victory in November!” proclaimed Arapahoe County Republican Chair Joy Hoffman at the onset. “Our candidates and volunteers are absolutely fabulous!” And abundant.

Republican Presidential candidate Romney rings campaign to Colorado coal country

The Colorado Statesman

CRAIG — The Museum of Northwest Colorado, established in 1964 to house artifacts and preserve legends of the Old West, is located in the small town of Craig and currently features an exhibit of Norman Rockwell, the famed American painter and illustrator known for his scenes of everyday life and Americana. When Republican candidate Mitt Romney traveled there earlier in the week to campaign for the presidency, he could have been starring in a leading role in a true life scene straight from a Norman Rockwell drawing board.

No rest for the wicked (or for politicos)

The Colorado Statesman

Now that the major parties’ state assemblies and conventions have come and gone, a shade of normalcy has finally transcended over our office this last week of April.

Scott Gessler, in his own words...

The Colorado Statesman

Secretary of State Scott Gessler is clearly no stranger to publicity. Even before being sworn into office in January of 2011, his name was familiar in political circles. The Democrats had Mark Grueskin as their top election law guru, Republicans in the state usually turned to their own cadre of leading experts, with Gessler at or near the top of their list. There were plenty of stories over the years which showcased Gessler’s ties to Republicans and the political organizations they formed to advance their causes.

InnerView with Jim Nicholson

The Colorado Statesman

Jim Nicholson, well known in the state, was elected a national committeeman from Colorado to the Republican National Committee (RNC) in 1986. He became vice-chairman of the RNC in 1993, and four years later he was elected Chairman. Under his leadership, the Republican party began to rebound from the disastrous losses of 1996. In 2000, the Republican party won the presidency, a majority in the Congress, and a majority of governorships and state legislatures — a feat not accomplished in nearly fifty years.


Hank Brown, Tom Tancredo, share their memories of Freda Poundstone

The Colorado Statesman

Freda Poundstone, one of Colorado’s leading and most iconic conservative figures, lost her battle with cancer earlier this month. She was laid to rest in a private family service at Fort Logan National Cemetery on Nov. 11. Earlier that day, an eclectic crowd gathered at the Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church in Englewood to celebrate the storied life of the former lobbyist and mayor of Greenwood Village.

Ron Paul for president opens field office in Denver

The Colorado Statesman

On the same day that U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet rallied campaign workers at President Obama’s Denver headquarters, Ron Paul’s campaign for president officially opened their field office in a storefront in the Stapleton community of town. A large crowd of supporters from throughout the state dropped by the Nov. 6 open house to meet staff and talk politics.

Kopp to Senate colleagues:

And here’s what I really think of you

(and visa versa)
The Colorado Statesman

It’s somewhat rare to find Colorado’s typically stalwart Republican senate caucus with their guard let down, but that seemed to be the case Oct. 13 when the GOP state senators met at the Legislature to elect their new leadership team for the 2011-12 year. Minority Leader Sen. Mike Kopp, R-Littleton, was stepping down from his leadership post and resigning as a senator entirely so he could spend more time with his four children after the untimely death this summer of their mother and his wife, Kim, from cancer.