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What (or who) is driving all the panic about alleged privatization of U.S. 36 in Boulder?

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The Drive SunShine Institute convened an emergency public meeting on the afternoon of Jan. 31 at the Alfalfa’s community room in Boulder. The alleged public emergency was an imminent privatization of U.S. 36 by the Colorado Department of Transportation’s High Performance Transportation Enterprise, which is about to conclude a widely publicized two year solicitation process for a Public Private Partnership to extend RTD’s busway and high occupancy toll lanes from Interlocken on into Boulder. This contract will also lease existing HOV lanes on I-25 from downtown Denver that connect to U.S. 36.


For discussion this week: Venial sins, petty offenses and the art of the blind eye

The Colorado Statesman

Both the clergy and the courts acknowledge there are transgressions so minor that no number of them will extend our sojourn in purgatory or add to earned prison time. For these misdemeanors there are no “three strike” rules. Little white lies and photo radar tickets are all of a kind — sufficient to outrage the Puritan moralists in our midst, but unlikely to inflict lasting harm beyond that brief flash of shamed conscience. But, what of offenses we witness and choose to ignore? More to the point, what is our responsibility in a democracy when the villain is government itself?


Our options: choose to negotiate a nuclear deal now, or fight an Iranian war later

The Colorado Statesman

World Denver is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to connecting Denver with the world by fostering timely discussions of world affairs. Last Monday night, together with the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Denver, World Denver co-hosted a talk by Ambassador Thomas Pickering and Dr. Jim Walsh of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Securities Studies Program at the Brown Palace fresh from their Denver Post commentary (1/12/14) “A Delicate Dance with Iran.” Their op-ed strongly admonished the U. S.


The Jack McCroskey(s) I like to remember

The Colorado Statesman

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself;
I am large — I contain multitudes.

Walt Whitman

Legalization of pot heats up stone cold day in Denver

It’s a brave new world out there
The Colorado Statesman

In the gloom before sunrise on January 1, TV trucks were lined up like dominos along Brighton Blvd. just south of I-70 as more than a hundred journalists of every stripe (think Al Jazeera) sipped coffee and munched sticky, warm donuts purchased from an opportunistic food truck situated in the parking lot at Denver’s Discreet Dispensary (DDD). Occasional snowflakes swirled briskly in the air as nearly 200 customers awaited the first retail marijuana sales in Colorado.


Ken Gordon’s pleas on behalf of the better angels of our nature will be sorely missed

The Colorado Statesman

Thirty years ago, after I departed the Legislature, I allowed myself to be recruited as a candidate for Democratic Party Chair of Denver County. This didn’t have so much to do with my intimate involvement in party politics, but because two young candidates and personal friends, Wellington Webb and Federico Peña, were running for Mayor. The party machinery had been in the grip of Tooley or McNichols supporters for nearly two decades and both insurgent candidates were interested in a dispassionate and neutral hand at the helm of Democratic Party affairs.

Export-Import loan guarantees could help state

...if Colorado would utilize them
The Colorado Statesman

John McAdams, former Vice President and CEO of the U. S. Export-Import Bank, visited Denver this week as a guest of state Rep.Tracy Kraft-Tharp, D-Arvada. Part marketing junket and part tutorial, McAdams explained how the EX-IM bank could assist Colorado businesses and manufacturers in marketing their goods and services to an expanding global market. Some of his numbers were astonishing. The U. S. economy represents only 5 percent of the global market today.


Criminal penalties stacked against the poor

The Colorado Statesman

Several weeks ago Michelle Alexander, author of the bestselling examination of our exploding African-American prison population in The New Jim Crow, spoke at the Turnhalle on the Auraria campus. Her appearance drew a standing room only, turn away crowd. A civil rights attorney in California, where she graduated from Stanford, and today a law school faculty member at Ohio State, Alexander began her research on American prison populations more than a decade ago. When her book first appeared in 2010 it drew modest critical acclaim, but little public attention. Yet, once it was released in paperback last year, it has enjoyed 35 weeks on the New York Times bestseller index and turned its author into a celebrity.

Secessionist move was defeated

Rural Coloradans are no less unhappy
The Colorado Statesman

As kids we were all talked into doing something incredibly stupid by an older brother or sister, (perhaps the smart kid next door or down the block), but whoever it was, he or she should have known better. If we were lucky, our parents never discovered our misdeeds, but more often than not we found ourselves listening in painful silence to the embarrassing query, “If Johnny decided to jump off the roof, would you jump too?” In a few instances these conversations took place in the company of local law enforcement.

Salazar asks Coffman to demand vote on immigration

The Colorado Statesman

Organizing for Action, a political remnant from the Obama presidential campaign held yet another immigration reform rally at the Aurora City Hall this week, featuring former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. About 50 demonstrators assembled on a bright, sunny morning to ask Congressman Mike Coffman to personally demand that Speaker John Boehner bring a comprehensive reform bill to the House floor for a vote before the end of the year. The theme was clear: Coffman should knock on the Speaker’s door and ask that the Senate Bill adopted earlier this year be scheduled for a vote in 2013.