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DNC Chairwoman talks up Markey for Treasurer

The Colorado Statesman

During a whirlwind 24 hours in Denver, Democratic National Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz squeezed in a quick fundraiser for Colorado Democratic Treasurer candidate, Betsy Markey on Tuesday afternoon. The pair served together during Markey’s single term in Congress before she surrendered her Eastern Plains seat to Cory Gardner. Introduced by former Democratic legislator Bryan Jameson of Fort Collins, Markey then introduced her fellow Gatorland alumna and former colleague.

Seasoned political fare at Legislative Barbecue

The Colorado Statesman

PUEBLO — It wasn’t exactly a political convention per se, but from the looks of this very large get together on Aug. 22, it could have been. Several hundred current, former and potentially future elected officials, lobbyists and well-connected (and hungry) guests packed into a large white tent at this annual event signifying the official start-up of the summer’s 11-day showcase for the agricultural engines that drive the state’s rural economy — the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo.


Hick’s newest Blue Ribbon Commission on fracking may be recipe for non-action


I own cookbook that offers the best Blue Ribbon recipes from state fairs across America. It serves as my go-to guide when attempting to prepare a dish for the first time, or when neighbors dump garden bags of parsnips and rutabagas on my porch. Seeing as how a jury has awarded these recipes a first prize, I can count on a quality meal that will please even the most finicky gourmands. They usually generate compliments; I need only faithfully execute the winner’s instructions.


Different type of political climate in Sen. Ezzard’s adopted state

Contributing Columnist

It’s always educational to take a trip almost anywhere in America. Wherever you happen to travel, people are far more cheerful and helpful and warmer than their economic circumstances might suggest. My granddaughter moved with her parents to Asheville, North Carolina last November and this was our first opportunity to visit them there. Delta Airlines operates a red-eye flight into Atlanta from Denver that only costs $100 and every seat was occupied — stuffed with bargain hunters. Stumbling off the plane at 5:30 a.m. we picked up our rental car and headed for the Tiger Run Vineyard.


Homeowners associations could stand a little more oversight — here’s an example

The Colorado Statesman

Thirty years ago Prospector’s Point was constructed as a condo development a few blocks east of Federal Boulevard, roughly between 84th and 88th Avenues. It’s a topnotch location affording easy access to both I-25 and U.S. 36. Sited atop one of the highest points in Adams County, panoramic sightlines to the Northwest include Long’s Peak and the foothills, while to the south is a magnificent view of downtown Denver’s skyscrapers, snuggled deep in the Platte River valley. Four hundred individual units comprise the homeowners association. Nearly a hundred of these were added about 15 years ago.


Hancock’s greatest asset is his enthusiasm


Every political observer recognizes that the Denver Mayor’s Office is the sweetest political job in Colorado. It pays far better than serving as Governor, and the City Council needs to drum up a two-thirds majority to overturn a single provision in the Mayor’s budget. It’s a strong-mayor arrangement that enables Hizzoner to shape the city and its priorities as he or she sees fit. There are plenty of patronage slots for loyal supporters.

Sifting through the sands of time in southern Colorado is emotional experience

Contributing Columnist

The weekend before the primary election, the United Methodist Church held its Annual Rocky Mountain Conference at the Pueblo convention center. Colorado Bishop Elaine Stanovsky, host of the event, scheduled a field trip for interested delegates to visit the Sand Creek Massacre site near Eads.

Energy independence fuels debate at confab

The Colorado Statesman

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce sponsored an all day Energy Expo at the Convention Center last Friday. Exhibitors helped stuff swag bags for the free event with everything from water bottles to breath mints. An all-of-the-above philosophy was evidenced by representation from wind farms, solar cell manufacturers and other sustainable technologies to more traditional fossil fuel giants, including oil and gas producers — even the Colorado Mining Association (think clean coal). NOKERO Solar has developed a solar light bulb for markets in the third world without reliable electricity.

Garnett defeats Perkins in divisive Denver house race

The Colorado Statesman

The reliance on computers to design legislative districts ignores issues of community of interest and demographic homogeneity in favor of packing like-minded voters into predictably performing precincts. There may be no better example than Denver’s second house district, home to House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, which cobbles together the single-family residential districts south of Sixth Avenue in central Denver with the transient apartment blocks across Capitol Hill. While all these voters lean Democratic, they differ dramatically in age, attitude and habits of thought.

Flores win confounds the local education punditry

The Colorado Statesman

The 7 p.m. report from the Denver County Clerk placed Dr. Valentina Flores so far ahead of Taggart Hansen in the State Board of Education primary in District 1 that even her supporters at Democratic headquarters on Sherman Street were at a loss to explain the results election night. Her 55-45 lead would continue to swell throughout the evening until it reached 58.9 percent to her opponent’s 48.2 percent. The punditocracy had previously awarded the seat to Hansen, who enjoyed support from the Democrats for Education Reform and its well-heeled network of independent expenditure committees.