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Coalition of businesses and politicians aims to pressure Congress on deficit reduction

The Colorado Statesman

A coalition of Colorado business leaders and politicians have joined a national campaign asking Congress to put aside its partisan differences and work on long-term solutions for solving the nation’s ballooning deficit and looming so-called “fiscal cliff.”

CU Regents race is only statewide contest this year

Democrat Ludwig faces main challenge from GOP Davidson
The Colorado Statesman

The University of Colorado at-large regent race is the only party-affiliated, statewide race this year, but the two main candidates and two minor party contenders aren’t receiving a whole lot of attention leading up to the Nov. 6 election as they compete with a heated presidential contest that has grabbed the electorate’s attention. In fact, interest in this under-the-radar contest seems to have peaked in early summer, when Republican nominee Brian Davidson easily knocked off opponent Matt Arnold in a bitter and divisive primary.

Policy of fracking continues to split Coloradans

Opponents protest the controversial process
The Colorado Statesman

About 200 opponents of the controversial drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, gathered at Civic Center Park on Tuesday to protest the practice, as state regulators and local governments grapple with ways to strike a balance between allowing its use while also protecting communities.

Frack Free Colorado, a local coalition of those opposed to fracking, organized the free concert at Civic Center Park along with national groups opposed to the process. The event included such celebrities as musician Jakob Dylan and actresses Mariel Hemingway and Daryl Hannah.

Tracy campaign launches website against GOP opponent

Republican Randy Baumgardner anonymously attacked
The Colorado Statesman

Senate District 8 Democratic candidate Emily Tracy’s campaign is encouraging voters in the district to get to know her opponent and has launched a website inviting online visitors to “Meet Randy Baumgardner.” Only it isn’t as benevolent an offer as first presumed. The website attacks her mustachioed Republican opponent on issues such as supporting so-called “personhood,” housing a registered sex offender, and being indirectly involved with a campaign mailer that potentially exploited a gay New Jersey couple.

Libertarians field full slate of CD candidates

The Colorado Statesman

Despite ongoing frustrations that Libertarian Party candidates are excluded from most political debates on both the national and local stages, dozens of candidates are moving forward on the party’s ticket in every congressional district and several state-wide and local elections in the state.

The candidates and party leaders say they must forge on with their campaigns in order to educate voters and spread their message of “maximum freedom, minimum government.”

Forget red state/blue state, this third party is positively green

The Colorado Statesman

The two co-chairs of the Green Party of Colorado have a fundamental disagreement over how the party should proceed. On the one hand, Bill Bartlett is happy to have a national presidential candidate and three candidates running for Colorado congressional seats this year. On the other hand, party co-chair Art Goodtimes thinks it’s a waste of time to be looking towards federal office.

Liberal watchdog group files complaint against SoS

At issue are Gessler’s travel expenses to GOP Convention
The Colorado Statesman

Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler is under fire yet again from voters and government watchdog groups, this time over concerns pertaining to ballot secrecy and a possible breach of ethics and criminal laws in connection with department budgetary spending.

Cynthia Coffman tapped ‘Best Public Sector Lawyer’

The Colorado Statesman

Chief Deputy Attorney General Cynthia Coffman didn’t even know that she was being considered for Law Week Colorado’s award this year for best public sector lawyer, but when she found out that she’d been tapped for the honor, she viewed it as a warm recognition of her 15 years of public service.

“It’s an affirmation for my career…” Coffman acknowledged. “This feels personal, and something I have earned through a lot of years of working in the public sector. So, it has special meaning for that very reason.”

“Obamacare” blamed for war on religion

The Colorado Statesman

Conservative activists were told on Oct. 4 that liberals have waged a war on religious freedom that has been promulgated by President Barack Obama’s health care law.

The message came during a session of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Colorado event held at the Crowne Plaza Denver International Airport earlier this month. Titled, “Keeping the Faith: The Left’s War on Religious Freedom,” local and national conservative stalwarts made the case for repealing so-called “Obamacare” in the name of religious freedom.

Buck chimes in on Obama’s fast and furious disregard for rule of law

The Colorado Statesman

President Barack Obama and his administration have run afoul of the nation’s rule of law, which has been highlighted by the controversial gun-trafficking operation into Mexico known as Fast and Furious, conservatives were told on Oct. 4 at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Colorado.