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Tancredo: Keep military out of immigration debate

Special to The Colorado Statesman

Rep. Mike Coffman advocates opening U.S. military service to young illegal aliens who have qualified for President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals amnesty (“deferred action” means deferred deportation). Under the Obama DACA program, those young men and women are given a two-year legal status and a work permit, but they do not have permanent legal status or a path to citizenship. Rep. Coffman’s proposal would give them both.

Tancredo: Fifty shades of death in Colorado

Special to The Colorado Statesman

Maybe political correctness can’t kill you, but in progressive Boulder County it is protecting a baby killer from prosecution for murder.

On March 18, Michelle Wilkins, a woman 34 weeks pregnant, was lured to a private home in Longmont to purchase baby clothes. Wilkins was attacked, her abdomen cut open and her healthy unborn baby, a daughter she had already named Aurora, was violently removed from her womb.


Reasons Colo. should join lawsuit to hault Pres. Obama’s unconstitutional ‘executive amnesty’


Twenty-six states including 22 state Attorneys General and three governors have joined the Governor of Texas — that’s 26 states in total — in suing the United States government to halt the Obama administration’s 2014 “DAPA” amnesty program, which aims to award legal status and work permits to an estimated 4.4 million illegal immigrants.

Colorado should become the 27th state in that lawsuit, and you, the Attorney General, can do so at the stroke of a pen.

What really caused Tancredo to lose the GOP primary — in his own words

Establishment forces in Colorado and nationwide targeted my candidacy

Editor’s Note: The following commentary was written by former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo, who lost the June 24 primary to Bob Beauprez. It was first published at Inc. on July 11, 2014 and reprinted in The Colorado Statesman with the expressed permission of Tom Tancredo.