Letters to the Editor

Apuan has been MIA from his district in Colorado Springs — House District 17 deserves better

Dear Editor,

It is unfortunate when people elect officials but do not receive the representation they need. Such is the case with state Representative Dennis Apuan. He dispatched a column touting his achievements to several newspapers after the legislative session. Yet, he never once addressed the House delegation for House District 17. He did speak for Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president, but he was AWOL for us. The Colorado Statesman’s May 15 article, “GOP ambushes Apuan at Springs bill signing,” states Apuan often passed his votes to see how everyone else voted before casting his vote. At the town hall meeting on May 11, he was asked what Fort Carson’s position was on HB 1317, the Piñon Canyon bill. Apuan did not know the post’s position. Fort Carson is in his district, one of the state’s largest employers, and deserves better.

Does Apuan really know what is important to his constituency? Doesn’t he have principles? Apparently not. We deserve better.


Kit Roupe
Colorado Springs