And then there were those who support Obama’s plans

A few hours after the Capitol rally against government intrusion into health care, those in favor of President Barack Obama’s health care reform plan staged their own rally at the same site.

Union member Everett Mills of SEIU, sporting her political t-shirt, displays posters at the rally supporting the current administration’s health care policy.
Photo by John Schoenwalter/The Colorado Statesman

“There are some of us who actually care about our fellow citizens and are willing to give a small amount more so everybody is covered,” said Jennifer Gross, an acupuncturist in Denver who attended he Tuesday evening rally. “There are some people who would rather hold on to their precious little pennies.”

“We spend a lot more than any other nation on health care,” said Gabe Lifton-Zoline, state director of Organizing for America. “We are paying in different ways right now and reform will address some of those issues.”

Rallies in support of the president’s plans for reform were held in other communities across the state, as well.