Letters to the Editor

It’s time for conservative candidates to shine

Dear Editor,

Is it finally time for the Colorado GOP to take off its sack cloth and ashes and stop apologizing for the sins of the past GOP leadership in Washington? Can it finally start moving forward with fresh faces with the right skills to earn back its conservative base? The appointment of Brian DelGrosso to Colorado House District 51 may be the first manifestation of this reality.

Approximately 70 GOP activists considered four other applicants for the job who had varying degrees of history with the party in this conservative part of Colorado. All of them were great possibilities and some were even supported by an elected official or two. Kudos to all who stepped up.

Yet, DelGrosso won the spot with his fresh image and positive message of hard work, earning his way into business ownership, having practical private industry experience, and the willingness to translate those skills into public service at the state level.

Although business ownership is not a prerequisite for public service at the state level by any means, we are at a critical time in our state’s history fiscally and those who have signed both sides of a paycheck and know what it takes to be fiscally responsible should be in great demand for state level public service. This is no time to play politics with cuts. It is time to evaluate the budget crisis with as little political bias as possible and get the job done. It is time for conservative candidates to shine and recapture the seats we lost in the past two election cycles. Then we must act with decisiveness and fairness to secure Colorado’s future.

Dan Maes
“Re-Energizing Colorado’s Economy”
Republican Candidate for Governor