Letters to the Editor

Can’t we all just 'Buy American?'

Dear Editor,

The story, “‘Buy American’ hits free-trade wall” in The Colorado Statesman of Oct. 23, made me think, “How about making it easy for me to find American-made products to voluntarily buy, instead of the government forcing me to buy American?”

Many times, when I shop, I remember to check labels to see where something is made, and I am frustrated that nothing is “Made in USA.” For some products, that is true of everything offered in every store. So I give up and buy what is available.

After I read The Colorado Statesman, I Googled, “Buy American” and found three Web directories for American-made products, “buyamerican.com,” “buydirectusa.com” and “madebyyankees.net.” I will now try to remember to check these Web sites before I go out shopping.

I am a bachelor, financially supporting a household of one. I am in a pretty good position to buy American, even if it costs more. But if the government were to force everyone to “Buy American,” will it then provide welfare to those who can no longer pay their own way because of higher prices?

Paul Steinhauer