Letters to the Editor

Penry opens door, McInnis walks through

Dear Friends,

As many of you have heard, Josh Penry decided this week to leave the race for governor. We realize the importance of this decision and the impact on our campaign. Josh has opened the door, enabling a renewed party unification and the opportunity to heal old wounds. It is incumbent on our campaign to walk through that door.

Today, Scott and Josh had a productive meeting filled with a dynamic exchange of ideas and enthusiasm. While there is neither complete agreement, nor endorsement, one thing is certain: Scott and Josh are united in the fight against Governor Ritter and his big government, anti-jobs policies.

Our campaign will continue to work hard to earn the support of all Coloradans in our quest to restore common sense, fiscal discipline and economic opportunity to our entire state.

Our objective is to keep you informed over the next week as we move forward to unify the party.


George Culpepper Jr.?
Campaign manager,
McInnis for Colorado