Letters to the Editor

Join Sen. Bennet in support of a woman’s right to choose

Dear Friend,

When I heard that the Senate was considering an amendment to the health care reform bill that would take away access to critical medical procedures for millions of American women — in effect undermining the reproductive rights we’ve fought so hard to get — I was truly shocked. I thought we were beyond this point.

We need to make sure the Senate understands that we can’t afford to move backward on women’s rights.

That’s why I’m joining Michael Bennet in urging the Senate to refrain from taking away our reproductive rights. I hope you’ll join us.

Sign our petition today urging the Senate to preserve our reproductive rights in any health care reform bill.

Since I left the office of Lieutenant Governor 10 years ago, I’ve traveled the world to work with political and business leaders around the globe. I’ve been to rich countries and poor countries — free democracies and horribly restrictive regimes. One thing is certain about the United States: There is no other country in the world where a woman has more opportunity to live her life as she sees fit.

But I’m alarmed by the threats to women’s rights coming out of the Senate this week. Thankfully, I know that our Senator, Michael Bennet, will fight to protect our rights and our access to critical health care services.

As soon as this afternoon the Senate may vote on limiting our reproductive rights.

Join Michael and me and sign our petition now: Let’s fight to make sure health care reform remains exactly that — health care reform, and not a ploy to take away our reproductive rights.

When I spoke with Michael about my concerns, he spoke with a resolve I don’t usually see in politicians. I couldn’t be more pleased with what he said — he told me that not only was he a supporter of reproductive rights and women’s right to choose, but that he was completely committed to making sure health care reform was done right. That means getting better, more affordable health care for everyone — while maintaining all of our rights and freedoms.

Michael, who is the father of three young girls, and married to a remarkable, strong woman, deeply believes that no woman should be denied the right to make her own choices.

But not every senator is so clear-minded and guided by such strong convictions.

Join me today to pressure Michael’s colleagues to join him. Tell the members of the United States Senate that they should be as crystal clear as Senator Bennet on this issue: health care reform should not discriminate against women.

Thank you for joining Michael and me on this critical issue. We are lucky to have him — and I will do everything I can to make sure he returns to Washington next year to keep fighting for all of us.


Gail Schoettler?
Lt. Governor of Colorado, 1995-1999?
Colorado State Treasurer, 1987-1995