Letters to the Editor

Hawkins doesn’t deserve preferential treatment

Bruce Benson
President’s Office
University of Colorado

Dear Bruce,

As you probably know, state Sen. Peter Groff asked, and was publicly asking, CU-Boulder’s virtually all-Anglo power structure to hold up hiring a replacement for Coach Barnett, when CU hired Dan Hawkins as coach.

Coach Hawkins has not performed up to reasonable standards. Please stop giving Coach Hawkins continued preferential treatment (although, as you well know, preferential treatment/affirmative action is, for Anglos, a pattern and practice within CU). Please reference Civil actions #s 09CV3014 and 09CV01690, and page 5B of the 12-3-09 Denver Post.

Please relieve Coach Hawkins of his duties, just as you did the faculty-staff of Silver & Gold Record, and allow us to hire the best-qualified person as soon as possible.

George Walker
A CU grad and a University of Minnesota Med School alum.

P.S. Please send the Chair of JBC, and the courts, an estimate of how many dollars Coach Hawkins lost CU by no Bowl Game!