Letters to the Editor

It’s abortion; don’t call it 'reproductive rights'

Dear Editor,

I was interested in Gail Schoettler’s letter to the editor on Dec. 11 concerning support for Sen. Michael Bennet’s support for women’s reproductive rights being included in the current health bill.

“We need to make sure the Senate understands that we can’t afford to move backward on women’s rights,” was her statement.

I do not believe that women’s rights could go any further backwards than they already are. In her article, as well as other writers on this issue, I find it interesting that the word abortion never appears.

It is always something like “medical procedures” or “women’s health issues,” but our nurturing motherhood cannot even bring themselves to say what the procedure is truly about, and that is abortion. Glossing up the language does not make this procedure any less horrific. Try thinking that this is a human life we are talking about.

This health care bill cannot stop abortions, nor will it try. This bill is about financing abortions with taxpayer dollars. At present, the law of the land states that abortions are legal in the first trimester, and that issue is not changing.

To say that people should finance this procedure through their tax dollars is not in the least bit right. I know I do not want my hands bloodied by this involvement with tax dollars. Yet, those who believe in abortion believe that our tax money should be used this way. I consider this a slap in the face and want no part of it.

I also believe we need reform on our health care system, but expanding government instead of limiting government is the wrong direction. If those so-called educated congressmen cannot slow this process down and get it right, then I guess we will have to live with another one of their screw-ups.

Larry Crowder