Letters to the Editor

Security checks can’t stop the bombs

Dear Editor,

Mission accomplished. In the eyes of jihadists, America is again afraid.

Short of a colonoscopy at airports, there is no way to detect everything. If you can swallow a hotdog whole, you can sneak enough explosive inside your person to blow up an airliner if you don’t mind killing yourself.

The problem is how to identify suicidal terrorists. They usually have a religious angle. Americans are, for the most part, convinced we ought not discuss religion or politics at the dinner table. Our enemies discuss evil religious concepts and politics at every meal.
Do the math.

Airliners are absolutely deadly attack weapons. Columbine’s killers wanted to, “hijack an airliner...fill it with bombs...crash in New York City.” This was on the Web site of Eric Harris in l998. In 2001, the concept evolved with suicidal pilots guiding, rather than simply crashing, four passenger jets.

Improvements in cockpit security probably preclude any more “piloted” airliners as attack weapons. To blow a plane out of the sky with explosives ingested, inserted or surgically implanted into a suicidal copy cat is probably impossible to prevent.

Most Americans are willing to give up some privacy for security. We also must realistically secure our borders on land, at sea and in the air. And let’s remember evil doesn’t have to come via a foreigner.

Steve Schweitzberger