Letters to the Editor

Wadhams needs to be schooled on the ABC’s of counting votes

Dear Editor,

I’m used to (GOP State Chairman) Dick Wadhams stretching the truth. He’s become quite the master at the art. But his statements in your article last week (“Parties prep for caucuses,” 2/26/10) go beyond stretching and into the imaginary.

In particular, he indicated that the Republican Party “got our results in much earlier than the Democrats did.”

That just isn’t the case.

At every stage on caucus night, the Democratic Party results were being reported consistently with 20 percent more precincts than the Republicans. By around 10-10:30 on caucus night, the Democrats were reporting around 95-98 percent of the precinct results.

The Republicans?

They were still only at around 70-75 percent reporting.

How do I remember this? Because that’s what I wrote about the next day: http://demnotes.com/?p=344

This wasn’t isolated.

In 2006, we had contested races at our State Assembly in Greeley; however, we adjourned with all of the results known before 4:00 pm.

That same day, the Republicans met in Colorado Springs. In a flurry of disorganization, chaos, and acrimony, they still hadn’t sorted out the assembly results late into that evening.

The lesson is clear: while you can’t trust Republicans with your vote, it is even more true that you can’t trust them to count your vote!

One more point on 2008: we got our caucus results reported faster than the Republicans even though we had 71 percent more Democrats show up than Republicans did!

Dan Slater
First Vice Chair
Colorado Democratic Party