Letters to the Editor

Harber impugned Bob Beauprez’s integrity and character by comparing him to Scott McInnis

Dear Editor,

I beg your pardon! Comparing Scott McInnis and Bob Beauprez is ludicrous. McInnis’ problems are the result of character flaws, whereas the political environment and outside factors contributed as much to Congressman Beauprez’s election outcome as any policy issues or campaign strategy. 

In the many years I have known Congressman Beauprez, never has anyone had the temerity to impugn his character as Mr. Aaron Harber has just done in the July 23 issue of The Statesman. 

The anti-Bush climate during the 2006 campaign was entirely different from the present pro-conservative environment — to suggest otherwise is delusional. Congressman Beauprez’s integrity is firmly in place, he has not changed his mind on any values issues; he remains pro-life, conservative, and supports family and friends (did you miss Cory Voorhis’s letter about the support he received from the Congressman?).

An apology is due.
Shirley Seitz
2006 Beauprez Campaign Office Manager