Letters to the Editor

I’ve been forthright about my entrepreneurial background, candidacy

Editor’s note: Dan Maes, a Republican candidate for governor, issued the following response to a story about him in the July 23 issue. It has been edited for length.

Dear Editor,

My candidacy and experience is not a traditional one. For the record, I have never claimed to be a Fortune 500 CEO nor have I implied that I have earned great wealth. I have been forthright about my entrepreneurial background and bootstraps candidacy. My family finances are those of the average Coloradan: honest and adequate. Is that a liability or an asset to me in leading the state government? You judge. Our campaign finances have been equally Spartan and transparent. Not one dime was incorrectly spent. Advances of resources by my wife and me to the campaign are still yet to be fully repaid. Politics can be dirty and allegations do not translate into fact, nor do fines assessed reveal fairness or guilt. In our case they represent honest mistakes caught up in a campaign finance world ripe for the novice to be tripped up and then caught by those with not so pure intentions.

The revolution’s criterion for public servants is not the same as in the past. They do not seek millionaires or incumbents though they would not disqualify one. They seek candidates who will serve them instead of the other way around and they want someone who honors the constitution before anything else. They want honesty, integrity, character, and accountability. They seek citizen legislators and servants who will serve and then return home. This desire is not just in the Tea Party but also within most traditional Republican voters as well — what I call the Republican Institution.

Our victory at the state assembly was historic because that Republican base made their voices heard like never before. My supporters do not seek to support someone who created the situation we are now in. They seek someone just like them, someone who has lived in the real world, run a small business, pinched pennies, and achieved some level of success. The revolution will redefine the right candidates and they will decide who will win on the August 10 primary ballot, not the media nor the political machinery.

As far as the criterion of political experience goes, let’s not forget Governor John Love of Colorado, Governor Ronald Reagan of California, and several sitting Governors today that never held office before becoming Governor. Voters are more issue driven than ever before yet the qualifications they seek first are honesty, integrity, character, and accountability. We all are fallible. It’s how we respond to the mistakes that defines us.

Dan Maes
Republican Candidate for Governor