Letters to the Editor

We take offense at being lumped into the same category as ProgressNow.com and other ‘gotcha’ sites

Dear Editor, 

I was disappointed to see our site, www.whosaidyousaid.com, referred to in such a negative way in The Statesman, Volume 111, July 23, 2010. To refer to it as “GOP gotcha” without attributing the quote is a misrepresentation of our purpose. We don’t practice “gotcha politics” or “burnalism” as some of the groups you cited may. 

On the contrary. We present footage of people in the public eye, explaining their positions on important issues in their own words. Why Mayor Hickenlooper doesn’t want that opportunity is a mystery. We will look forward to being granted full and fair access as is afforded to other reporters, constituents and voters.

Thank you.
Mary Smith