Letters to the Editor

Members of Colorado’s Tea Party make a splash

Dear Editor,

Tea Party activists across Colorado are thrilled tonight as Tea Party supported candidates win primary races throughout the state. It is clear the voters and the candidates are responsive to the Tea Party message. Ken Buck won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate because his message of reviving a struggling economy through lowering taxes, reducing spending, and promoting individual liberties resonates with many voters. Dan Maes secured the nomination for Colorado Governor by supporting the same principles and values. The Tea Party message has motivated and energized the electorate across the state. This solidifies the results of a recent Rasmussen Survey in which Colorado lead the nation in Tea Party membership.

We are ecstatic to see the advancement of our pro-liberty candidates into the general election. We feel confident these candidates will excel in November as they advocate for fiscal responsibility, limited government and a prosperous private sector, all of which are Tea Party principles and mainstream American values.

Many of our activists are voting for the first time in a primary election. And even those who have voted their entire lives, are now engaged in the process like never before. They’re encouraging others to vote, spreading the pro-liberty message, and putting their boots on the ground. We look forward to maintaining this energy through November and beyond.

Lesley Hollywood
Northern Colorado Tea Party Director