Letters to the Editor

Benson and Brown are the GOP’s only hope in Governor’s race

Dear Editor,

While I have sometimes admired Tom Tancredo for standing up for what he politically believes in, I rarely have agreed with his conclusions. But in Colorado governor’s race he has recently challenged both the Republican Party primary candidates, Scott McInnis and Dan Maes to drop out of the race after the August 10 primary if they are tailing the Democratic challenger John Hickenlooper.

In fact, Tancredo has stated he will run on a third party ticket if the winner does not drop out if either is behind in the polls post primary. I agree with his conclusion that neither candidate will have a chance to win this top spot in November. Thus, the Republican Party should preempt the need for Tancredo to enter the race by rallying behind Hank Brown or Bruce Benson. (Mark Hillman just doesn’t have enough time to be competitive.)

It always takes money and name ID to win most political races of this stature and given that the selected candidate will have in reality only two months, Benson or Brown offer the only hope for a meaningful competitive Governor’s race in November, which Colorado voters deserve.

American politics still must be about choice, not selection by default. Assuming Brown has no interest and is happy to work behind the scenes, the only hope for a competitive election is for the Republicans to appoint University of Colorado President Bruce Benson after the primary election if neither candidate is leading in the polls in a matchup with Mayor John Hickenlooper

As you might remember I was a critic of Bruce Benson’s initial appointment to president of the University.

But as CU president, Bruce Benson has become a leader who so far, is well worth praising.

Benson has far proved to be both visionary and action-oriented. He has demonstrated a grasp of the possibilities of his office.

I know he has played a critical behind-the-scenes role in convincing Coloradans in conjunction with the University of Colorado Foundation to make their investment in the University of Colorado.

But what is most most impressive about President Benson so far are not his skills per se, but the complete “straight forward frank style” from which they spring. Bruce Benson, the person, clearly understands the boundaries between himself and his office.

He has already demonstrated an ability to work with the Colorado General Assembly without ruffling feathers.

He has shown a keen understanding of the important partnerships that must be forged with the private sector in order to achieve political progress.

Based on what I’ve seen of his leadership thus far, and the amount of time left between the August primary election and the November general election, the Republican Party really has no other choice to be competitive.

Hickenlooper would win by default, which is not good for his ability to bring the state together. The citizens of this state are left with no real choice at all. And if Tancredo enters the race, “turn out the lights, the party’s over” in terms of any meaningful discussion of the real issues that face this state.

Jim Martin
Former CU Regent, Boulder