Letters to the Editor

We’ll soon be represented by elected officials, not vacancy committee appointees

Dear Editor,

We couldn’t be prouder of the way all of these Democratic candidates and their teams pounded the pavement and promoted a historic turnout. This is the effort it takes to win in November.

Both the U.S. Senate and the state Senate races created difficult choices for the Democrats of Larimer County. I want to congratulate all these candidates and all our Larimer County Democratic Party members for voting their democratic ideals.

I know all of these people will pull together for the working families of Larimer in October and produce a victory in November. We must make sure a Democratic leader is serving us in all Senate seats after November 2.  

I want to note the spectacular primary race run by Jay Harrison for Sheriff. He is the best chance for improvement in the realm of professional law enforcement that the Larimer County taxpayer has seen in fifty years.

All of us who live in Larimer County win this year. 

Voters will again have the opportunity to be represented by elected officials rather than the current political insiders appointed by vacancy committees. Adam Bowen for County Commissioner, Rich Ball for SD 15, and Karen Stockley for HD 49 are all working hard to earn the support of voters and the honor of representing all Larimer County taxpayers responsibly.

William Russell
Larimer County Democratic Chair