Letters to the Editor

A conservative can be elected governor — his name is Tom Tancredo

Dear Editor,

Winning the governor’s race in Colorado by a conservative is possible. Mayor John Hickenlooper is simply a Liberal Democrat who will spread big government by promising anything and delivering higher taxes and more nanny-state regulations on all of us.

There is exactly one candidate who has the proven leadership for Colorado.

He has personally educated the children of Colorado as a public school teacher at Drake Jr. High School.

As a member of the Colorado State Legislature, he has already reduced your taxes in Colorado. The tax on food was eliminated by his small group of “radicals” who believed families needed the money more than government.

He has already reduced government agencies while he was in charge of them. He brought the regional office for the Department of Education from 200 to just 65 employees while working for Ronald Reagan.

He stood up to Republicans and Democrats who wanted to grant amnesty to tens of millions of people who came to the United States illegally. Protecting the dignity and hard earned efforts of those who followed the rules to embrace the American culture is important.

He has stood up for the rights of the taxpayers over and over again. And he is one of the regular people. He insists everyone simply call him “Tom.”

Tom Tancredo can and should be Colorado’s next governor because experienced leadership counts.

Tom Tancredo will make a difference for Colorado because he believes that government needs to be reduced.

Tom Tancredo is the only candidate for Colorado Governor who has lowered taxes and reduced the size and scope of government.

Tom Tancredo is the best chance for Colorado conservatives.

Visit his website at www.TancredoForGovernor2010.org and contribute or volunteer today.


Dan Kopelman
Arapahoe County

P.S. If you have concerns as a Republican, visit www.RepublicansForTancredo.org and read more about supporting Tom.