Letters to the Editor

Republican legislators who don’t support our nominees should be denied committee chairmanships

Dear Editor,

The following was sent to GOP leaders Sen. Mike Kopp and Rep. Frank McNulty. The actions of elected GOP House and Senate members who openly support a third party bid ensures a John Hickenlooper victory. These House and Senate members must be held to account for splitting the GOP for good and for the continued liberal progressive slide of Colorado.

I am writing to express great concern and disappointment in the elected Republican state legislators listed below. As a life long Republican and current precinct leader, to find that these Republicans have abandoned the party and their constituents to support a third party candidate is intolerable.

The party expects loyalty which is required to advance the cause of conservatism and policies best for our state and country. These Republicans violated our trust and abandoned all loyalty for party and are directly contributing to the election of John Hickenlooper. The consequences of this betrayal will be the lost opportunity to establish a more conservative State Supreme Court, the likely turning over of redistricting to the new Hickenlooper appointed liberal progressive Colorado Supreme Court and the inability to make any inroads on illegal immigration through bills to be introduced in the coming legislative session.

As these elected officials are displaying no loyalty to party, the party must take action. Committee chairmanships and other positions of importance should be denied. If they cannot be trusted to stand by the party, they cannot be trusted to execute leadership in committees.

Also, I want to inform you that thousands of voters in Colorado will be watching very closely the voting records and behavior of all GOP officials. The party cannot stand, if it refuses to stand together.

John Hickenlooper will be a disaster for the people of this state. These party officials are enabling that disaster to take place. He can be defeated with party unity, but it is obvious that his election and all the negative consequences it will bring is of small matter to these House and Senate members.

I respectfully ask that the members listed below be contacted and asked to reconsider their inappropriate and damaging decision. Actions have consequences. For the good of the party and future of Colorado, action must be taken.

GOP House and Senate members openly supporting a third party:
State Sen. Ted Harvey
State Sen. Greg Brophy
State Sen./Former Minority Leader Josh Penry
State Rep. Spencer Swalm
State Rep. Marsha Looper
State Rep. Steve King


Don Rodgers
Colorado Springs