Better Denver Bonds results in better Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens’ CEO Brian Vogt recently led a tour inside the Gardens’ new, $15.5 million Greenhouse Complex. Funded by the citizens of Denver through the voter-approved Better Denver Bonds, the facility is located just to the west of the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory.

With the assistance of public relations manager Will Jones, Denver Botanic Gardens CEO Brian Vogt trades in his suit jacket for a hard hat and vest before leading visiting media on a tour through the new Greenhouse Complex.
Photo by John Schoenwalter/The Colorado Statesman

This new complex consists of 15,000 square feet of state of the art greenhouses with flexibility for 12 climate control options. A renovated Marnie’s Pavilion serves as a display space for plant collections that are predominantly orchids, bromeliads and ferns, known as epiphytic plants. The Greenhouse Complex also includes an Orangery with seasonal year-round displays reminiscent of traditional European Renaissance garden displays. The facility also has a Botanical Illustration classroom, research labs and horticulture department offices. The new buildings incorporate sustainable building in their energy efficient and economical heating and cooling systems, and use of recycled materials.

Displays and educational programming throughout the facility provide information about tropical ecosystems, their diversity, functions and importance. Visible to the public, the greenhouses inside the Greenhouse Complex provides visitors a better understanding of all the operations that happen behind the scenes in creating beautiful and dynamic botanic garden displays.

The Greenhouse Complex opened to the public on Sept. 4.

CEO Vogt preps visiting media at the entrance to the Orangery, where sliding doors inside will provide for a year-round seasonal display of traditional European Renaissance-like gardens.
Photo by John Schoenwalter/The Colorado Statesman
A mist in Marnie’s Pavilion transports the visitor to a tropical forest.
Photo by John Schoenwalter/The Colorado Statesman