Letters to the Editor

Why resign as GOP chair when I’m supporting the legit GOP candidate?

Dear Editor, 

This is in response to Mr. Tory Brown’s letter to the editor (Sept. 17, 2010 Statesman) requesting my resignation as Chair of the Arapahoe County Republican Party because I am supporting Republican candidates who have been chosen by Republican voters to be Republican nominees. 

What a strange year. 

Apparently Mr. Brown is distressed by the requirement in our bylaws that prohibit a Republican Party officer from publicly supporting a candidate from another party. There actually is no requirement to support a Republican candidate. We are all free to vote as we choose. The party officer simply must not publicly support another party’s nominee. Simple. In Arapahoe County, there is no practical way anyone could force an elected, precinct leader or district captain to resign should they support John Hickenlooper, the Democrat nominee or Tom Tancredo, the American Constitution Party nominee. 

I have been appealing to their sense of integrity to either resign their Republican Party position or to not publicly support Tom Tancredo, the ACP candidate. 

 The people in the Republican Party are decent people and, with few exceptions, they understand that they can’t be on our team and cheer for the other team at the same time. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Haley Barbour, the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, said, “When the Republican voters of a state choose a party nominee, we Republican leaders must support the nominee. …That’s because the party’s role is to abide by the decisions of the Republican primary voters.  We have no right whatsoever to substitute our will or judgment for that of the voters.”  

Republican elites have been justly criticized for not listening to the people. We had an election, and Mr. Brown, Tom Tancredo and several other longtime Republican elites don’t like the way the people decided. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Brown supporting Tancredo, but you can’t stay on the team when you’re cheering for the other side.
Dave Kerber
Arapahoe County Republican Party