Letters to the Editor

Don’t be fooled by hype of political ruling class

Dear Editor,

Your Sept. 17 issue carried a story on page 13 by Anthony Bowe on the ‘Satirical Skit’ re the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning those portions of the McCain Feingold law which restricted free political speech by groups and individuals.

Should not Mr. Bowe have also reported that McCain Feingold was overturned because it throttled the ability of all grass roots organizations to speak on issues and candidates’ records for at least a month prior to Election Day, rather than exclusively parroting the hype of the political ruling class?

Why didn’t he also report that Citizens United brought the court action for that very reason?

Does Mr. Bowe relish the image of the ‘Boot of Government’ placed permanently on the neck of the citizen?

Is this impartial reporting?


Russell W. Haas