Letters to the Editor

Mary, Mary, you’re quite contrary with your politics

Dear Editor,

In the September 24th issue of The Statesman in the article entitled “Hick’s bipartisan supporters convene under one big tent,” a picture appeared that featured former Denver GOP Chairwoman Mary Smith with Mayor John Hickenlooper, the Democratic candidate for Governor. In the caption, it says that Mary Smith gladly posed with Mayor Hickenlooper at the fundraiser.

This behavior is in stark contrast with Smith’s own decidedly non-bipartisan website, WhoSaidYouSaid.com. The website relies on video taken by its many “trackers” at various public speaking engagements, town halls, and other appearances by Democratic candidates. Mary Smith, along with her partner, are using these videos to twist the words of their Democratic foes, including Mr. Hickenlooper, on a daily basis. In addition to the many blog posts that they post on their site, they have also sponsored several billboards criticizing, among others, Mayor John Hickenlooper.

If Mary Smith believes that Mr. Hickenlooper is a good enough candidate that she’ll both donate to him, and pose with him in a picture, perhaps she could clarify why it is she’s attacking him.


Elliot Goldbaum