Letters to the Editor

Schweitzberger: Governor’s race continues to amaze

Dear Editor,

I knew I was in the right location when I saw a Tancredo banner perfectly aligned between two American flags. I can’t say it was a “stump speech” because I haven’t heard Tom Tancredo speak in years. Does he not know it’s better to tell voters what they want to hear than what he thinks they need to hear?

It was a crowd of supporters, no television cameras. A bit of a fundraiser but nobody was required to pay an admission fee. I didn’t anyway.

Tancredo. Everyone knows if he were the underdog-liberal charging forward with momentum the “news coverage” would be different. I had wanted to thank Tom for helping the Denver Post sell newspapers, just to test his humor. He’s gonna need a sense of humor after November 2nd.

I predict RINO voters in nursing homes will do for John Hickenlooper what Ross Perot did for Bill Clinton in 1992. Tancredo has demonstrated how to use a third party for ballot access. I predict runoff elections in the future of Colorado gubernatorial contests where nobody gets 50 percent of the vote. I could be wrong.

I found it a ribald humor that Tom mentioned the Republican state chairman saying, “even Dick Wadhams has said a vote for Maes is a wasted Republican vote.” There are those who will vote their “historic party” just to maintain party ballot-status. Tancredo has been ridiculed for mentioning voter literacy so I shall not “pile-on” the senile here today.

Can it be true that college professors funded by Colorado taxpayers only average 13 hours a week in their classrooms? Can future hires of PERA stand a slight reduction in benefits to maintain the benefits already committed to existing employees and their retirement promises?

Can it be true a Western Slope energy company has to spend $40 a barrel to send contaminated water to Utah so it can evaporate into the atmosphere there, even though the diesel fuel to truck the barrels adds more pollution that the evaporating ponds? As I recall from my environmental problem-solving classes the average diesel truck emits four quadrillion particulates per mile of travel. They are somewhat cleaner today than back when Earth Day was invented by Jimmy Carter.

Tancredo talked about Executive Order 116 by a former Denver mayor, which Hickenlooper the governor-elect has refused to repeal. Something about sanctuary-city status. Oh yes, Tom Tancredo talked about illegal immigration, and praised legal immigrants for their assimilation.

Tancredo said while every family in Colorado is trying hard to put food on the table, and maintain a roof over their head, that Hickenlooper has said, “every agency in state government is underfunded.” Some might call that a negative comment. Others would call it enlightenment.

Tancredo says momentum is the strongest factor of all in an election. He has momentum according to pollsters. I personally lie intentionally to pollsters. That is all I have to say.

Steve Schweitzberger
Littleton in Jefferson County
(Denver native, age 60, plus mileage)