Letters to the Editor

Let’s be clear: Schroeder was a real patsy

Dear Editor,

Your article in The Statesman recently about Patsy S. (InnerView with Pat Schroeder) begins with the statement that it has been edited for clarity. Too bad it wasn’t edited for fact checks or given a disclaimer that it is a rampant endorsement of liberal, excuse me, “progressive” meanderings. Patsy said she doesn’t know of anyone getting $300K for an article or as an advance on a book besides Scott McInnis. Maybe you can pass on a name to Pat; Hillary Clinton?

It’s clear nothing has changed in Pat’s noggin when she professes she “loves” Alan Grayson, potentially the most toxic, bitterly partisan Congresswoman in the U.S. today. Patsy is still the little angel and only the other guys are nasty.

Mr. O is always saying “Let’s be clear” so I’ll be clear. Patsy got elected in the 1st CD repeatedly because she was a partisan Democrat in a Democratic district. Please show a little more creativity this close to an election and not waste so much ink on a partisan has been. 
Stephen Schultz